Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentine Cutie Pies

I love Gymboree (the store). They have the cutest clothes for kids. My brother-in-law teases me that when the sales people at Gymboree see me coming, they all scurry about saying, "She's here. She's here." I promise I don't buy that much!!!

When I only had Evan, Gymboree was the only place I could find really cute boy clothing. It is really hard to find cute things for boys! I could always find something I loved for Evan at Gymboree, so I really only shopped there. Well, now I have a girl, and oh my goodness, the girls' clothes are adorable! I try to catch things on sale or use Gymbucks. Oh, and don't get my husband started on Gymbucks! He thinks it is a rip off. If you are not familiar with Gymbucks, you get great discounts when you redeem them. However, you have to spend a certain amount to gain a Gymbuck. It never fails when he is with me that I get to the register and the sales girl will say, "Spend $3.00 more and you'll get a Gymbuck." Well, there really isn't anything in there for $3.00 besides a pair of socks and usually you can get four pair for $10, so I usually end up spending $10-$15 more to get the Gymbuck, which is where his frustration lies. However, buying Evan and Ella Grace cute outfits makes me happy, and so he jokes with me but encourages me to buy them things that I like. Anyway, I found these cute things for them for Valentine's Day. I love Evan's shirt because it is a tattoo screen print of the word "Mom." This is probably the last year for a Valentine shirt for him. He'll be too big for that in Kindergarten, and besides, I don't want him to get beat up! Ha! I love Ella's little outfit, especially that her t-shirt says, "I love Daddy, and Daddy loves me!" How sweet. The only thing about her outfit is that the pants are capris and the shoes (I did not get them) they had to go with it were sandels. It is February! What in the world? Anyway, I'm sure I'll have them in these clothes every chance I get from now until Valentine's Day to get our money's worth out of them!


Kelly said...

So CUTE!!! You have to post pictures of them in these outfits next month!!!!

Megan said...

Very cute! Tell Derek that my Dad read all his birthday comments last night. Yall are too sweet. By the way, I've been meaning to tell you that I found a picture of Evan in my Christmas card picture album. His cousins are in the picture as well and they all have on red sweatshirts with their names on them. It was taken in 2003, he was just a baby. Now he's headed to kindergarten.