Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Christmas Time!

I am really in the Christmas spirit! I've been very un-Leigh Ann-like this year. Most of my shopping was done before Thanksgiving. My tree was even up before Thanksgiving! =) I always say I'm going to do that, but I NEVER have before until this year! It is such a great feeling. I'm hoping after next last week of work before Christmas break and planning a party for Evan's class, I'll be able to kick my feet up, bake and play with Evan and Ella Grace really enjoying the season.

I have been SO busy. Working three days a week has really put a lag in my blogging time. I'm enjoying it (most days), but I'm tired. 13-17 two years olds can wear a girl O-U-T!

We took Ella Grace to see Santa. She was SO excited. I could read her lips as she told Santa what she wanted. I melted when I saw her say, "...and my brother wants an iPad." I LOVE that she thought of him! =)

Evan is doing great. He is being pulled for some mainstream classes...Art and Music. He got to perform with his fellow first graders at a Christmas singing program yesterday. We got the practice session on video. I keep thinking to myself there was a time I thought he wouldn't speak, and here he is today talking SO much more and singing songs with friends. Just answered prayers. I am beyond proud of him!

Derek took a picture of his class' weekly newsletter. How cute! They wore pajamas! =)

Ahhh, I'm loving the Christmas decorations. I think I'll be a little sad to take them down.

Letter to Santa written by Ella Grace =)

Our Elf on the Shelf, Tinsel, brought a note back from Santa from the North Pole =)

Oh, and the funnest thing happened to me! I have had several people come up to me and say they recognize me from Kelly's blog! I have always thought that was incredible! Well, while shopping at Hobby Lobby, for the the first time I had someone come up to me and say, "Aren't you Ella Grace's mom?" Loved it! SO great meeting you, Emily!!!

Wish I could make this bigger. I didn't have my camera and Derek took it with his phone. She was SO sweet!

I hope you are enjoying the season in the midst of all the chaos. =) I'm off to snuggle with some little ones. =)

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Best Kind of Gifts

I'm convinced the best kind of gifts are ones like these. I LOVE how her teachers wrote exactly what she said and how she said it. Priceless. This will be going to get laminated! =)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My First Half Marathon

On October 23rd, I did my very first half marathon. A couple of friends and I have been training since May. We were nervous and excited for it to finally get here. We met up in Conway for 13.1 miles. Two hours and 35 minutes later, I crossed the finish line! I was such a GREAT feeling. All of the entrance fees benefited the Soaring Wings Ranch, which ministers to young people.

Me with Heather and Tami, my running buddies

Lots and lots of runners. I kind of felt like I didn't belong. Ha!

Leah Thorvilson. She came and spoke to the Women Can Run clinic I started running with. She is amazingly FAST! She is trying out for the Olympics.

Derek was so sweet to meet me every so often on the course. It would give me a burst of energy to see him.

Soooo happy to be D-O-N-E!

Me and Kris. She also helped me train. She knows A LOT about running.

We did it!
Kind of felt like going in to the Dora "We Did It" song she sings at the end of every episode. Ha!

Heather gave us these stickers for our cars! Love it!

Derek and me afterward. I was SO tired.

I have never been a runner. Seriously, ask my junior high track coach. I have found that I really enjoy it. My toenails may never be the same, but I have loved the health benefits, the stress release it gives me, and the GREAT friends I have made through running. Heather and Tami are trying to convince me to go for the Little Rock full marathon. I just don't know about that! 13.1 felt far enough. I can't imagine doubling that! We'll see. =) For now, I'm just glad my first half is behind me.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Little Rock had their very first Walk Now for Autism Speaks Walk October 2nd. We formed a team for Evan called "Evan's Voice." We raised over $2,000. We were so excited and so moved by all of the support of family and friends. A group even joined us on the day of the walk to walk with us. It meant so much to us! God had His hand on the entire event. The weather was beautiful and all the children had THE best time. Praying for a cure and prevention measures!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this boy!!!
Also so proud of his report card. He got such good grades.

My Baby Girl Turned FOUR!

On October 21st, Ella Grace turned four! I just can't believe how fast time has flown. It seems like I just brought that baby home from the hospital! We celebrated at the WonderPlace. She had lots of friends and family come and celebrate with her. Such a fun time!

All ready to go. She was SO excited!

I thought she looked like a princess. =)

Playing market with her good buddy, Elijah

Having pizza with her BFF, Kaitlyn

Singing Happy Birthday to my sweet girl

Enjoying princess cupcakes

My girl and me. I am SO blessed!

Derek and I are so proud of Evan and Ella Grace. EG was really grateful for all her gifts. She told me, "I love you the whole weekend for my party." She thinks the weekend is a really long time. =) Evan had a great time, too. I never could get a good picture of him. They are all action shots. He was running around having a ball!

I took these on her actual birthday before school at church.

So thankful for both my beautiful babies! Now, quit growing up so fast!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Kids' Closets

I'm a big fan of consignment sales. I'd much rather do that than have a garage sale. I sold a lot of things at the first sale in town, but we've been so busy lately that I missed the last local sale. So, I'm doing what I said I'd never do again...preparing for a garage sale! In the process of organizing that, I have found some good stuff that I wanted to offer to my friends first. If you are interested, let me know. I can bring it to you! We are planning for our garage sale at the end of the month, so if I don't sale it here, it will go in the garage sale.

Tumble Top
$25 (I paid $86 + S/H)

Minnie Mouse Dress & Headband Costume
$8 (paid about $27 for it)

Melissa & Doug Abacus
$5 (retail $15)

Phone Smart Teaching Telephone
This records your voice, helps learn phone numbers, etc.
Like new
$7.00 (retail $23)

Gator Golf
Like New
$5.00 (retail $17)

Toy Story Soldiers Bucket
Like New
$4.00 (retail $13.00)

Melissa & Doug Round Safari Puzzle
$4.00 (retail $13)

Disney Minnie Mouse Slippers, Size 9/10
$5.00 (retail $24)

Wooden Car Set
Like New
$14 (I paid around $50)

Cinderella Talking Vanity and Accessories
$40 (Retails four around $130)

Gymboree Shirt (Size 4), Dot Pants (Size 3), Leggings (Size 4), Hair Barretts
$17 for all

StrideRite T-Strap, Silver, Size 8.5 , From Heel to Toe
$12.00 (Paid around $40 f0r them)

Footmates, Red, Size 9, From Heel to Toe
Probably only worn 3 times
$16 (Paid about $52 for them)

Animal Print Slippers, Size 9/10

Mermaid Slippers, Size 9/10

I'll be updating this post as I continue my organizing. =) Email me if you have any questions: