Sunday, January 20, 2008


Yesterday we didn't go anywhere! We just stayed around the house, cleaning and organizing. It was really nice. Today has been a lot different. We were busy all day long with a couple of surprises along the way!

Surprise #1: While at church...Evan goes to "Joy Depot" during "big church." There was a young lady being baptized this morning, and the extended care workers thought it would be a good idea for the children to see it. I didn't know they would be in the service. All I saw was a streak go by and before I knew it Evan had perched himself on the steps of the podium! Through the crowd, all I could see was his little face. I said to Derek, "Is that Evan?" He said, "No, it's not." I knew it was. I exclaimed, "It IS him. Go get him!" There were giggles around the sanctuary and one of the workers got him back with the group. I was soooo embarrassed! I guess it is good that he enjoys church! One of the men joked that he was making an "alter call." Oh my goodness!

Surprise #2: This afternoon my sister and brother-in-law threw a surprise birthday party for my niece, Sarah. She turns seven on Wednesday. Sarah is a very special little girl. She is so smart, beautiful, and artistic. She loves horses and is learning to play golf. Sarah is such a blessing to me. I can't believe she is already seven. My oldest sister, Melinda, and my brother-in-law adopted Sarah from China. I can vividly remember meeting them all at the airport when they brought Sarah home. We were all so excited to have her as part of our family. Before she got here, all we had was one photograph of her. I fell in love with her way before I ever knew her in person. She has brought so much joy to me and everyone else in our family. I think about how God planned for Sarah to be my sister's daughter. I think Sarah said it best while in the car with Melinda and my brother-in-law driving to their vacation destination, "I'm so glad God put us together!" She melts my heart. Happy Birthday, Sarah. Aunt Leigh loves you!

I don't have a picture of Evan crashing church (thank goodness...I think I'll try to erase that memory), but here are some pictures from Sarah's surprise party.

The birthday girl and me!

Sarah blowing out her candles. The other little girl in this picture is one of her best friends, who happens to also be adopted from China and also happens to live in her neighborhood. They are big buddies. Aren't they precious?! If you look in the background, you can see my nephew, Stone. He is also a real cutie!

These are my sisters and two of my best friends, Melinda (Sarah's mom), me, and Millicent.

Ella Grace, my mom, me and my grandmother at the party.

This was surprise #3. I was shocked when I looked back at Evan and Ella on the way home and saw that they were holding hands. I couldn't get my camera out quick enough. Evan was just letting go. It was so sweet!


Kelly said...

Sarah is SO cute and so big! I remember seeing her picture when she was a baby! I know ya'll must love her so much. Your sisters look good - I haven't seen their pictures in a million years either and you mom is so cute! I think ya'll look alike!
Ya'll had a great day!
Oh and Evan and Ella holding hands - too sweet for words!!!!

Megan said...

Sounds like a fun Sunday!

I wanted to say HI. I found your blog through Kelly's. My family (the Harvey's) went to church with Derek's at Baring Cross. Your in-laws are the sweetest people!

His Doorkeeper said...

I love the story about Evan in church! That is priceless! Your little niece, Sarah, is beautiful! What a lovely family you have!