Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008

For me, most of 2007 is a blur. Derek was gone until September and I was extremely busy raising an active 4-year-old and an infant. The main thing I remember about 2007 is washing somebody or something! It was a hard year, but God blessed us beyond measure. Derek returned home safe and sound and my children are happy and healthy. I am truly blessed. I decided to recap the year in a few of my favorite pictures. Happy New Year!

January - Ella in her little lamb coat. I just loved her in this coat. So sweet! She's too big for it this year.

March - Evan turned 5! I can't believe he is 5 (almost 6 now) !

April - I love this picture. However, it brings back bittersweet memories, as I took this right before we walked out the door to take Derek back to the airport. His rest and relaxation period was over and he had to return to Iraq. We wouldn't see him again until September.

April - Easter (Ella's first). Evan wouldn't be still for a picture, so it's an action shot! He was in the process of running off!

April - Little Razorback in training!

May - My kids love to crawl in our bed!

May - Going for a Memorial Day swim. This is Ella Grace's first bikini!

May - Even though Derek was 8,000 miles away, he still managed to send me two dozen roses for Mother's Day! What a sweet husband I have!

June - Just goofin' off. I especially like Evan's expression in this picture.

July 4th!

September - At the airport the day Derek came home. He and Ella Grace were on many local news programs that night.

September - A visit to Nana's.

September - Ready for church.

October - Evan riding "Val."

October - Watching Evan ride horses.

October - Ella Grace turned 1!

Halloween - Army General and a Fairy.

December - Christmas. Why is it so hard to get everyone looking at the camera?!


Kelly said...

You've had a big year! I love watching the kids grow in the pictures! Evan is looking SO grown up! He is SO cute!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! They have grown so much this year!

I asked Evan about the eggs...he started laughing and hugged me and said "Silly!" I love that child! :)