Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Few Good Men

Today I attended the Freedom Salute Ceremony which honored Derek and his fellow soldiers who served in Iraq. It was a very nice tribute to them. Scott Inman was the master of ceremonies and Gov. Beebe spoke and handed out awards. In all, Derek's unit was gone for 15 months. Derek is an officer and flies Blackhawk helicopters. Their mission was medevac. They rescued and transported injured soldiers and got them to hospitals. They even, at times, transported Iraqi civilians in need of medical attention. I'm so proud of the work they all did. One of the speakers said (not his exact quote) that freedom is not handed down from your parents. It's not in your bloodline or DNA. We are one generation shy of losing it. It's something each generation has the responsibility to stand up and assume. Wow! It really puts in perspective how important it is that there are men and women willing to go where they are needed to protect us. I am thankful for my husband and all the others that are willing to go where they are needed all around the world to protect my freedom. Here are some pictures from the day...
Derek and me before we left for the ceremony.

Scott Inman brought his wife and children. He said he thought it was important for them to be there today to see the ceremony. I was so impressed by that! He has three kids and they were so good all through the program!

Gov. Beebe asked us to be sure and remember all those that are still over in Iraq.

Derek receiving a flag from Gov. Beebe. He also received a commemorative coin and a certificate as a "Defender of Freedom." They also gave the kids a goody bag.

Derek and his parents.

I want to give a shout out to Billy Bob. He says he is going to start reading my blog! He is one of Derek's good friends and led their Bible studies in Iraq. He and his sweet wife are expecting their first baby in several months. In the background, you can see the aircraft they pilot, the Blackhawk.


Kelly said...

Derek looks so handsome in his camo! I am so proud of Derek and so honored to know someone who has served in the war. He is so brave and so are you! I am SOOOOO thankful that there are so many men and women like Derek who preserve our freedom.

urserywr said...

Leigh Ann,
I love the blog! Thank you so much for the shout out, I'm going make sure I check back a lot so I don't miss anything! Aubrey and I are definitely going to have to start one once the baby arrives. You'll have to give us some tips to get us started. Keep up the good work!
Billy Bob <><

His Doorkeeper said...

Thank you to your sweet husband Derek for serving our country and God bless him and the other men and women who have sacrificed for all of us in America. We certainly should be thankful!

Elizabeth Smith said...

Leigh Ann,
I am so glad that you posted about this. I had goose bumps and tears in my eyes as I read the entire entry. I am so thankful for men like Derek and wives like you who have given sacrificially for our country to maintain it's freedom. God bless you and your family! Your blog is so wonderful and a blessing to read!