Friday, May 29, 2009

Things...They are a Changin'

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. To say we are busy, well we just ARE. I always thought things would slow down when Evan got in big school, but if anything we are just busier!!!

Evan has three days left of school. Wednesday will mark his last day of his first year of school. I spent three years prior worrying myself sick about his school placement, the teachers he would get, etc., etc., and this year has been nothing but a HUGE blessing. He got the perfect placement with the most amazing teachers and aide. They have loved Evan and he has learned SO much this year. We've been blessed! As if that wasn't already fantastic, I had heard our school district was going to start a class just for children with autism. It was going to be a small class (just eight students) and was going to incorporate the curriculum Evan was already using and doing SO well with. The class was approved, and they are putting the class at Evan's neighborhood school!!! No more three hour commute every single day. Evan will be going to his home zoned school next year to a placement I think is perfect for him. I will miss the teachers he has this year, but I know they have prepared him to move on. I just can't believe out of all the schools, in the district they picked Evan's neighborhood school!!! We are so excited and SO incredibly thankful!

This summer Evan will go to A-Camp (An Awesome Camp for Kids with Autism). It is the first year for the camp that two moms have worked tirelessly to make a reality. Seven kiddos with autism (most of them we already know) will spend Monday thru Friday together just having FUN! Evan has worked so hard since age two. It is about time for some F-U-N! They will have theme weeks and lots of activities and play. My biggest hope for his time at A-Camp (in addition to the fun) is for Evan to develop friendships. That is a hard thing with autism...most of them don't really care to form those kind of relationships. I want that so badly for him.

Our summer will be busy because in addition to camp, he is going to another academic program and we still have to fit in speech and occupational therapies and swimming lessons. Other than that, my plan is for LOTS of time at HOME!

I hosted Bunco last night. It was my first time to host and I had so much fun planning it. Since it was Cinco de Mayo month, I went with a Mexican theme. We had chicken enchiladas, salad, corn dip and cheese dip. I also got the cutest "fiesta" decorations at Party City. We have the best mommy group in my little town. I have formed some great friendships!

I love my sister's corn dip. Here is the recipe. It is so easy and is SO yummy served with Fritos.

Corn Dip

2 cans whole kernel corn
1 bunch green onion
1/4 C chopped pickeled jalepenos
8 oz sour cream
1 C mayonaise
1 tbs garlic powder
1 tbs Accent
12 oz grated cheddar cheese

Just mix all together and chill before serving. It's delish!

Derek and the kids didn't get home until 10:00 last night since they had to hide out while I had Bunco, we all decided to sleep in this morning. Evan was so excited this morning not to have to go to school. We spent the morning at the park with some friends and then went to lunch. The weather is so beautiful and we had such a great time. I got some cute pics of the kidlets while we were there.

As soon as we were out of the car, Evan was running to the slide.

Could he BE any cuter? I just don't think so!

Ella Grace climbed to the top herself but then was too scared to slide down without a little help.

Not scared of anything!

Walking to the bridge to see the "chocolate water" as EG called it. It really was rather murky. When I took this picture, she was yelling, "Wait up guys!" She is getting SO big and talking SO big!

I love him!

I'm on the countdown until my cruise. I have been working out like a mad woman trying to get in shape. I have continued running after the run clinic ended. Tomorrow we run four miles for the first time. One of my friends is trying to convince me to run a 1/2 marathon that is coming up in October. She has us on a training schedule. I haven't completely committed to it, but I've been participating in the training, so we'll see what happens. I am enjoying it though. I have also been going to boot camp five days a week. We just finished up the first camp that was five weeks. I have lost a total of 9.5 inches and 8 lbs. I'm going to keep at it until we set sail. It has been some hard work but I have had the best time. It is so much easier for me when I know someone is counting on me to be there to work out or run. If it is left just up to me, it just won't happen.

The other big change for us will be in the Fall. I signed Ella Grace up for Mother's Day Out at our church. I thought I had actually decided she was not going to go, but she is SO ready and I think she really needs the social interaction. I decided to go by and visit. We got to go in the classroom and play on the playground for a bit. The best part of sitting in on the praise and worship time. Let me tell you it was PRECIOUS. These little ones were reciting memory verses and finishing parts of a Bible story. They were singing and doing hand motions to the song. I thought I might just pass out from all the sweetness! I decided it was a great fit for EG, so I signed her up. It was only confirmed when we were walking out the door and Ella said, "I had the best day!" We were only there two hours. Ha! I'm a little sad, but it will be so good for her, and it's only one day. Right???

She has also graduated to big hair bows. I just packed up all of the little ones to give to a friend. =( They are just growing up too fast!

Anyway, that's what we've been up to. I've missed all of you and look forward to catching up on blogs hopefully this weekend. Hope you and yours and doing well. =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kris Video

I'm so excited about Kris Allen winning AI. I felt a little silly when I found myself bawling at the end of that loooong two hour show, especially when Ella Grace asked me, "Momma, are you so proud? Are you crying?" Ha! I just love it when other people's dreams come true. I cry at the end of pageants, big sporting events, Hallmark commercials, etc. Just the way I roll.

A friend of mine on FaceBook posted this video of Kris leading worship at my church. It also features my home town. These are spots I see daily. Thought you might like to see a glimpse of my church and my town. Plus, Kris' version of "God of this City" is amazing. LOVE that song! I hope you enjoy it. I couldn't get it to upload, but you can copy and paste this address to see it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I Want to Sing About Jesus

This morning, on an errand to the post office, I hear the tiny voice of my precious 2-year-old daughter say, "Momma, I want to sing about Jesus!" This is the first time she has EVER said that. My heart melted right then and there. I bet we sang "Jesus Loves Me" 50 times today and it was the most precious time with her. I never want to forget that moment. She also begs to go to church throughout the week. I pray she always wants to "...sing about Jesus," and "...go church."

Sweet baby girl

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol

So, what did you guys think about tonight's show? First of all, the judges drive me crazy. They behave so immaturely that it is a distraction away from the contestants. Silliness!!!

I think all three of the guys are incredibly talented and did a great job tonight, but I sure hope Kris wins. Danny seems sweet and he would be my second choice. I just can't get on board with Adam's theatrical style. Kris is definitely my favorite (and would be still even if he wasn't from my home state, a city over, and a worship leader at my church).

Our view of Kris when he came to Little Rock for his home visit.

I've never voted for an AI contestant until this season and it has just been the last several weeks. It will be interesting to see where Allison's votes go.

Who are you rooting for?

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Great Weekend

It's been over a week since I last blogged. Wow! That is a record for me. I've missed it and I've missed all of you! I have been so busy with just day-to-day stuff and training for the 5K and doing Boot Camp. I am just zapped at night and just feel like going to be when I could be blogging.

We have been busy around here, but we've been having a lot of fun, too.

Friday, we headed down town for Ella Grace's very first concert...Kris Allen from American Idol. He only sang for about seven minutes. I heard he had a very full schedule. It was fun to be a part of the AI experience, even in just a little way. I really hope he wins.

We took EG to lunch before her first show.

The concert goers. I think EG was more impressed with the dog next to her that was wearing some sort of rain jacket.

Saturday morning I ran the 5K for the Women Run Arkansas Clinic. It was such a blast! I ran the entire 3 miles without stopping. That was my goal, so it felt good to cross the finish line having done that. I ran a little over 12.5 minute miles. Maybe next year I'll be a little faster. It was such a great experience all around. I made some great new friends and it was just awesome to see women in our community coming together.

I thought our shirts we so cute. This is what the back said.

My sister works just about every Saturday, but this Saturday she was off and surprised me by coming to the race. Isn't that SOOOO sweet?

I trained mainly with Faye and Rachel. I know Rachel because our husbands were deployed together. I was so excited when I saw her at the first clinic. She and her mom were a mother/daughter team. Her mom has lost 100 lbs. by following Weight Watchers and working out. She was a MACHINE (not to mention a huge inspiration)!

My running buddies.

Me and my biggest supporter.

The cheering sister Millicent, Derek and Rachel husband, Cole. I thought it was funny that the ambulance was in the back ground!

Coming in the home stretch. It felt SO good to cross that finish line!

Saturday night we headed over to my sister's house to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. We had a great time. We always do when we are together.

Sweet little snaggletoothed Evan!

Me, Millicent, my other sister Melinda, EG and my mom.

LOVE him!

Sweet Ella Grace!

I am one BLESSED Momma to have Evan and Ella Grace.

Derek, Evan and Ella Grace spoiled me. I got a Croc (not the shoes) for Mother's Day. Ladies, this thing has changed my life. I have been a fan of the Chi iron for years now. I didn't think anything could be better. Well, the Croc is amazing and is making a difference in trying to straighten this crazy head of hair I have! Ha! Looooove it!!!

I think I am getting old because I was so excited when we went to pick up a new vacuum Sunday. I have had mine for 12 years and it was on its last leg. Derek had some great coupons, so we got a Dyson. It is amazing! I am looking for reasons to vacuum. Never thought I'd do that! It was funny that Derek felt the need to tell the Best Buy guy that this vacuum was NOT my Mother's Day present. Ha!

Wheeew. I think that about catches us up. I just feel incredibly blessed to have this little family of mine. I hope all of you amazing moms out there had a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Isn't he cute!?!

I love this picture of my happy, handsome boy missing one of his front teeth, but it makes my heart hurt a little. He's growing up SO fast!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where the Heart Is

Kelly has invited all to participate in sharing a little piece of ourselves through showing different rooms of our homes. This week was all about the kitchen.

I do love our kitchen. I guess I love it most because it is where we spend a lot of our time.

Here is the view from the hallway.

I have particularly enjoyed these counter tops. They must be a favorite because I think most of my friends have the same granite. It looks great with stained cabinets or white and has a flex of silver mixed in with the black and brown that really compliments stainless appliances.

I love painted cabinets, but since it was in our last house, I decided to do something different and go with stained. I've really enjoyed it for something different.

This is the breakfast area that we rarely use. The bar stools are used most of the time and I find myself just eating over the sink (especially when Derek is out of town or working). My kids are ready to eat at 5:00 on the dot, so they usually eat at the bar before Derek even gets home from work. They are hungry little ones in the afternoons!

I love this little corner. It has my all-time favorite picture of Evan and a little bowl turned candle holder with the help of some coffee beans.

I'm not the best decorator and require lots of help from my sister, Melinda, who is very creative. She actually decorated my kitchen. She turned these tassels into cute little napkin rings.

Well, that's about it. Thanks for stopping by. If you were actually at my house, you would be disappointed because I don't have anything yummy to offer you to eat. I am on a diet and there is nothing but rabbit food around here! Ha! We are trying to get ready for summer! ;) I'm looking forward to stopping by your kitchens soon!