Sunday, January 6, 2008

Is it Spring?

It was so pretty today. It felt like Spring! So, we decided to take a drive. We went to my sister's house. She had bought a Weight Watcher's cookbook for me and I wanted to have it for this coming week. We had a good visit, and she gave me some new meal ideas. So far, the diet is not that bad at all. I'm sticking to it! I hope my efforts pay off on Thursday (every week we will weigh in on Thursdays). Derek is very supportive. I have made him a couple of things to eat instead of my Weight Watcher's recipes, which he appreciates but says isn't necessary. Like I said, he doesn't need to lose any weight anyway! I played a quick game of Guitar Hero at my sister's house before we headed home. If you have never played, you should check it out. It is a lot of fun. I usually play against my 6-year-old nephew, and he beats me every time! Then, we headed to Bed Bath and Beyond for a new scale. Our scale seems to have a mind of its' own! We didn't find one that seemed any better than the one we have now though. I'm going to wait until Thursday to see how accurate it is. After all that, we came home and took a walk around our neighborhood. I forget how much I miss seeing my neighbors during the winter because it's too cold for everyone to be out. It was good to see them all as we made our way through the neighborhood. I'm ready for warmer weather, but I know we are in store for a lot more cold before that happens. I am thankful God gives us beautiful days to enjoy...even in January!

Evan wasn't too thrilled at first about being in the jogging stroller. I guess he thinks he is too big and too cool for all that, but our neighborhood can be hilly in spots and we knew he would get tired before we were ready to come home. He warmed up to it in no time.


Kelly said...

Can you believe this weather? It's crazy.
We are under tornado warning right now which scares me to death. WE shouldn't have tornados in January.