Saturday, October 31, 2009


Is there anything more precious than this?

The parents were invited to Ella Grace's school this week. The children were going on a field trip, so we were invited to share a donut breakfast and attend the praise and worship time with our child. Y'all, I just about bawled through the entire thing! There is nothing more precious than seeing your child sing worship songs. Ella Grace blew me away with how she knew all the words and the hand motions. She was thoroughly enjoying herself. She recited her memory verse and I couldn't help myself but to snap this picture of her while they were closing in prayer. PRECIOUS!

They all had matching shirts for the field trip. I love what was on the back.

Here is a little video of her while she was singing her favorite song. I just love it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Birthday Girl

We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating Ella Grace turning THREE! We woke up with her in our bed (as we do most mornings...she starts off in her bed but always makes the move to ours around 2:00...sometimes we don't even realize it until we wake up). The first thing she said had nothing to do with her birthday but, "I want my Snow White panties!" Ha! I have no idea where that came from. I told her, "Ella, today is your birthday. You are three! Happy Birthday!" She just smiled ear to ear! We made our way to Daddy who gave birthday wishes. Evan was eating his breakfast and she went right over to him and said, "Evan, tell me Happy Birthday," which he did with a mouth full of waffle. =)

We took her to eat at the Purple Cow. She loves that place! We got her some cheese dip because that is her FAVORITE and she wanted to order a salad for her lunch. =) After she ate, they brought her a hot fudge sundae with purple ice cream. She was so proud of the candles and loved blowing them out.

Then, we headed home to give her birthday presents. To say she loved her castle and princess set is an understatement. She was so excited and so happy!

For dinner, we ordered pizza and had birthday cake. Well, actually Ella Grace had birthday cake for dinner. She was so proud of her cake. For years, I have gone to the same bakery for birthday cakes. This bakery is my favorite and makes the best cakes, but you have to pay for it in advance (they are very expensive) and then go pick it up. I do not have time for two separate trips to the bakery, so I decided to try Kroger. Y'all this cake was so good! Plus, when we went to pick it up, I wish I would have had a camera because EG put her little hands over her mouth and literally gasped when she saw it. It was exactly what she wanted! Yay! The best $10 I ever spent! =)

We spent the rest of the night playing. We will be partying some more on Saturday for her big party.

I love this child! Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet girl!

Last night, when I was getting her in bed, this was our conversation:

EG: "Momma, do you like honey bears?"
Me: "Yes, I do. I think they are cute. Do you like honey bears?"
EG: "No. I like rabbits and dogs and cats."
Me: "And horses?"
EG: "Uh huh. And horses."
Me: "I love you all the time."
EG: "I love you all the time. You're my best friend."
Me: "You're my best friend, too."
Followed by kisses and hugs. The perfect ending to the day. =)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I took Ella Grace to the pumpkin patch this morning with our mommy group. We had a great time. I am soaking in these last few days of her being three! I took these before we left. I am loving all the colorful mums!

Before the hayride, we got to check out all the animals. So cute. I think her favorites were the donkeys (especially the baby) and the pig.

I wouldn't trust this tractor driver if I were you. =)

We then got on a hayride to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin. On the way, EG told me she wanted an "itty bitty" pumpkin.

She found the perfect "itty bitty" pumpkin, and so did I. =)

Speaking of "itty bitty," here she is last year. What a difference a year makes!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Eat Your Veggies

This kidlet LOVES her some salad. We were at Chik-fil-a one day and a lady actually came to our table asking how I got her to eat a salad. Ha!

She LOVES it, but think her love may really be for Ranch dressing.

She will eat anything if it has "dip" on it.

In a little over a week, Ella Grace will be 3 years old. T H R E E!!! How can this be? I took these pictures last week. I went in her room and she was laying on her bed talking to "Baby Doll" (aka Barbara Mandrell as Derek calls her because this doll has so much blonde hair...HA!). She is getting SO big!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Going to the Show

We recently took Evan and Ella Grace to "Disney Live." We decided at about 3:30 in the afternoon to go to a 6:30 show. Derek found us some really good seats even though it was last minute. Ella Grace was SOOOO excited. She insisted on wearing her Minnie dress (Halloween costume). She looked really cute! Things like this can be a bit overwhelming, so we weren't really sure how Evan would like it. Well, he had THE best time. He watched the show intently, clapping and laughing. It made mine and Derek's year to see him enjoy it so much!

I told EG I wanted to take her picture, and this is the pose she struck!

Waiting for the show to begin.

Calling "Mickey"

Evan is holding the $20 souvenir we bought. $20!!! Are you serious?

Watching intently.

This is the way Ella Grace stands. I just love it. She folds her little hands and holds them in front of her. So sweet.

This is what happened when it was over and time to go home. She was NOT happy at all. She kept saying, "I want to do it again!" She cried the entire way home.

The next day, Ella Grace and I joined my sisters and nephew and niece at the Arkansas Arts Center to see "Mr. Popper's Penguins." It was such a cute play. Ella Grace loved it and watched the entire thing. I was pretty impressed that it kept her attention (for a two-year-old). She loved watching the kids and of course the penguins (kids in penguin costumes). =) I knew Evan would not enjoy this at all, so he and Derek had a fun boys day together.

My nephew, Stone (love the face), my niece, Sarah, and me and EG after the show.

Later that night, I met my friend, Toni, for a women's event at my church. It was such a wonderful event. Priscilla Shirer was our speaker, and she is AMAZING. The theme was "Dwelling in the Land of Possibility." It was all about how God is able to do above and beyond!!! It was such a wonderful time of praise music and worship. I really needed it! If you ever get a chance to hear Priscilla, go!!!
"Everything is possible for him who believes." Mark 9:23