Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Let's Do Lunch

Today I had lunch with one of my good friends, Holly, and her daughter, Heidi. Holly and I have been friends for a long time now. We met when I worked out in the "corporate" world and became fast friends. We have kept in touch even though we don't work together anymore and like to meet for lunch anytime we can. This was the first time Holly has met Ella Grace in person (Evan was at school). I tried to get a picture of Ella and Heidi but I had technical difficulties (really it was operator error...operator being me...urrgh). Ella loved Heidi! It was fun to see our daughters together. After we ate, we exchanged Christmas gifts. The last few years we have had to do this after Christmas because things are just too busy. Holly always gives the best gifts. She is one of those people that puts a lot of thought into her gifts. I gave her a monogrammed stamp set with stationery (we both really like stationery). Here are some pictures of what she gave me. If you are wondering, I was able to stay on my diet. Just a salad for me. The big weigh in is tomorrow!

This is a beautiful glass platter. The picture doesn't reflect how unique it is. It is an amber color and the color varies a bit in different light.

How cute is this apron? I love chocolate brown!

It has my name monogrammed on it. Just too cute! I'll look like a pro in the kitchen now (even though I'm not! Ha!)


Kelly said...

I love chocolate brown too! And I love anything monogrammed. That apron is too cute and so are you!
I hope your weigh in goes good! I know you are doing great!!!

Meredith said...

Thanks for the comment, Leigh Ann! I wish you lots of luck with your weigh in. I love that apron, also! I have a monogrammed one, but the lettering is so small you can't see my name on it! ha!