Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Christmas Time!

I am really in the Christmas spirit! I've been very un-Leigh Ann-like this year. Most of my shopping was done before Thanksgiving. My tree was even up before Thanksgiving! =) I always say I'm going to do that, but I NEVER have before until this year! It is such a great feeling. I'm hoping after next last week of work before Christmas break and planning a party for Evan's class, I'll be able to kick my feet up, bake and play with Evan and Ella Grace really enjoying the season.

I have been SO busy. Working three days a week has really put a lag in my blogging time. I'm enjoying it (most days), but I'm tired. 13-17 two years olds can wear a girl O-U-T!

We took Ella Grace to see Santa. She was SO excited. I could read her lips as she told Santa what she wanted. I melted when I saw her say, "...and my brother wants an iPad." I LOVE that she thought of him! =)

Evan is doing great. He is being pulled for some mainstream classes...Art and Music. He got to perform with his fellow first graders at a Christmas singing program yesterday. We got the practice session on video. I keep thinking to myself there was a time I thought he wouldn't speak, and here he is today talking SO much more and singing songs with friends. Just answered prayers. I am beyond proud of him!

Derek took a picture of his class' weekly newsletter. How cute! They wore pajamas! =)

Ahhh, I'm loving the Christmas decorations. I think I'll be a little sad to take them down.

Letter to Santa written by Ella Grace =)

Our Elf on the Shelf, Tinsel, brought a note back from Santa from the North Pole =)

Oh, and the funnest thing happened to me! I have had several people come up to me and say they recognize me from Kelly's blog! I have always thought that was incredible! Well, while shopping at Hobby Lobby, for the the first time I had someone come up to me and say, "Aren't you Ella Grace's mom?" Loved it! SO great meeting you, Emily!!!

Wish I could make this bigger. I didn't have my camera and Derek took it with his phone. She was SO sweet!

I hope you are enjoying the season in the midst of all the chaos. =) I'm off to snuggle with some little ones. =)