Saturday, January 5, 2008

Nice Weekend

Isn't it wonderful to have some weekends where you don't have a ton of stuff planned? The only thing eventful today was a hair cut for me. Other than that, we have been homebodies. I love that though...just hangin' out with Derek, Evan and Ella. What a great day! Hope yours has been good, too!


His Doorkeeper said...

Leigh Ann, I remember you from the old OBU pictures. You girls were so cute even with the big hair!! That was some of Kelly's favorite years and we were always so thankful she met all you sweet girls at OBU and had such a remarkable experience during her college days! You, my dear, have the most beautiful two children!! I bet there are some proud grandparents somewhere!! Love your blog too! Kelly's Mom

Kelly said...

That's my favorite kind of weekend! WE had a very similar one and I loved it!