Friday, February 1, 2008

27 Dresses

This is so unlike us! Derek and I had a date last week and again this week. Yeah for us! We went to a movie this morning. We saw "27 Dresses." It was cute, pretty predictable, but cute. I started thinking about how many times I've been a bridesmaid. I think it is five or six times. I have always enjoyed weddings and being a bridesmaid. I actually had some pretty dresses to wear. There was one I don't think was my favorite, but other than that, they were all decent. My favorite one was when I was in Michelle's wedding. Her mom made all of the dresses. They were a beautiful deep wine color. I have no idea how she made the top. It had this beautiful collar on it. It was very elegant, finished off with a full length a-line skirt. There was also another bridesmaid dress that I did actually cut off (everyone says, "You can cut it off and wear it again!"). Let's face it, there are some that just shouldn't be worn even the first time...short or long, but this one actually looked cute short. My grandmother made the cap sleeves into spaghetti straps and shortened it. I took it on a cruise and really liked it. The best part about that dress was the bride's father bought all of the bridesmaid dresses for us!

Thank you goes out to my sweet husband who has endured two chick flicks within two weeks. I enjoyed our time together and hope we get to do it again real soon.

My date bought us a treat...pop corn with a real Coke. I haven't had a real Coke in a while! Soooo good!

So tell me...How many times have you been a bridesmaid? Did you like any of your dresses? Did you ever wear it again? What was the worst one like?


Kelly said...

Oh - you are so lucky to go to the movies! I love matinees! And Derek is sweet for going to a chick flick.
I'm hoping to have a "date" tomorrow night and go to dinner and a movie. Not sure what we'll see yet.
I have been a bridesmaid 7 times (and depending on if I'm pregnant or not - I may get to be one this fall). My favorite dress was the last one I wore - a knee length strapless light blue dress. It was very cute.

Meredith said...

Aww I am glad y'all had such fun! I absolutely love movies. Well, I have been a bridesmaid in 2 weddings and this year, I'll be a bridesmaid in THREE weddings! When Russell and I got married this past September, the bridesmaids wore champagne dresses and flowers were pink and brown. Bridesmaids dresses can be really interesting sometimes!

Sarah said...

You guys are such a good-looking couple!

Your comment on my blog literally made me laugh out loud. I'm still laughing! I actually passed out on the table after my first exam. I might have fallen off, too, I'm not sure...maybe they propped me back up before I came to! :)

Rachel said...

oh the bridesmaid just had to go there :)
I have been a bridesmaid 3 times. The worst dress was Pepto Bismol pink. I look like a pink whale. It was so not cute on me.
My favorite was a deep purple empire waist, I felt like a princess. The wedding was at the capitol and we had to walk down the was fabulous!