Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a great Valentine's Day this has been. Derek surprised me and was off work today. I was so excited. We had agreed to not exchange any gifts, just get the kids a little something, and exchange cards with each other. I should learn by now that every time we say that, I always go with our agreement, and Derek always breaks it and buys me something. However, I thought this year we definitely would not get each other anything. He has been so busy with work. I knew there was no chance of shopping for him. I was so excited when the doorbell rang this afternoon and there stood a lady holding a dozen red roses and another little sack. Derek had sent me flowers and Ella Grace got her first delivery, too. It was an adorable stuffed bear. Ella was so excited and began hugging and kissing it immediately, petting it and saying, "Awwww." It was so sweet. I felt terrible as I handed Derek the little cards I had gotten him, one from me and one from the kids. He said he loved his cards and that Valentine's Day was a holiday just for me. Isn't that sweet?!

Ella Grace opened her first Valentine this morning...a card from Nana and Papaw.

This is Evan right before he left for school this morning. He followed up his breakfast with candy. Gotta love that!

Ella Grace and me right after we got our special delivery!

Ella Grace and her Valentine! She has given this bear so many kisses. She just loves it!

My beautiful roses. Thank you, Valentine!

I love my husband so much! He is wonderful in so many ways. He is smart, funny, handsome, loving and always, always kind. He loves me unconditionally at all times, which I know I don't make that always easy. He has the best attitude of anyone I know. He can be in the middle of the desert in 125 degree heat with little conveniences of home and still be in a good mood with the best attitude. I learn so much from him every day. He makes me want to be a better person! I want to be more like him. Most importantly, he is a Christian man that provides a Godly home for me and our children. He's my best friend and has been for about 20 years now. I love you, Derek, with all my heart and I'm glad we are on this journey together.

Our wedding day in July 1994. I love this picture. We were so happy and looking forward to starting our lives together. How much fun I have had being Derek's wife!


Kelly said...

AW - what a sweet Valentines! That Derek - he's a keeper! I love your wedding picture - you were so pretty! I remember that day!!!! ;-)

His Doorkeeper said...

You and Derek are such a cute and special couple! You are blessed! Love that sweet wedding shot!

Rachel said...

Tell Big D he gets brownie points from me....Glad you guys had a great day.

Megan said...

What a sweet Valentine's story! I know Ella will always cherish that teddy. Derek looks so much like his dad in that wedding picture!

Hillary said...

Looking at the picture of you holding Ella Grace you can TOTALLY tell you been losing weight! That's the first thing I noticed! Your face looks so thin!
What a sweet husband you have!! And great kids too! Doesn't get much better than that!

Megan L Hutchings said...

You were a beautiful bride and an even beautiful mother. I have nothing but respect for your husband...what he does for our country and you...for being a faithful wife.

Meredith said...

How very sweet, Leigh Ann! Glad you all had a wonderful day!

Candy said...

Hi! I found your blog through Kelly's. Hope you don't mind me stopping by. You have a beautiful family! I also have a sweet little girl named Ella. :) She will be 2 in March and Ethan will be 6 in March. So, our kiddos are really close in age. :)

Jessica said...

You are so pretty! : ) I love that he got you roses. I just adore fresh flowers!

Candy said...

Leigh Ann,
Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! I love finding new blog friends too. You are right, my kids are a blond version of yours! How funny! Is your little boy in kindergarten?
My friend who is a photographer did my header. Her site is She only charges $6 for a header. She uses digital scrapbooking software and she is super creative. I look forward to reading your blog often! :)