Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lots of Hair

I got my hair cut yesterday. It doesn't surprise me anymore when my hair dresser invites total strangers (usually her co-workers) to come up and feel my hair. Even though she has cut my hair for about 12 years, I think she is still amazed by how thick it is. I have even had complete strangers come up to me in public asking, "Can I touch your hair?" Anyone that knows me well can tell you I am not a fan of being touched by people I don't know. This has happened so much during my life, it really doesn't surprise me anymore. I get these two comments a lot: "You are tall, aren't you," and "Girl, you have some thick hair." I wonder do these people really think I don't already know these two things about myself? Like I have no idea I am almost six feet tall and that I have enough hair for probably two wigs and still have enough left over to cover my own head!

My hair is crazy. I come by it genetically. My dad's hair is kind of like Mr. Brady from the permed years which is where my curl comes from and my mom's hair was once also very thick. So, the full description of my hair is course, naturally curly, and very, very thick (which is where the "Can I touch" part comes in). When I was little, I don't think my mom knew quite what to do with my hair. She always cut is very short (really a mullet), which I think compounded the problem rather than helping it. My sister would tease me and tell me I looked like "Albert" off of "Little House on the Prairie." You are visualizing it now, aren't you?! The sad thing is, she was right! See below!

As my hair dresser and her co-worker pondered again over that which is evident, I told her that I fit right in during the big hair of the late 80's and early 90's. This is when I finally let my hair grow out. I even had a spiral perm put in this head of hair several times! Why, I don't know. I guess it was just the style. It was soooo big!

I started looking through some old photos and came across this picture of my big hair. There are several things that bother me about this photograph: (1) The obvious...the permed hair that is oh so big with the lovely chunk of bangs in the front, (2) The mustard yellow dress that I am wearing. I think I remember it had a skirt around the waist with a huge black bow on the front. (3) My Brooke Shields eyebrows, and (4) The saucy look I am giving...What is that?!

The sad thing about this hair is I sported it from about 8th grade to my first year in college! Yikes! All I can say is the Chi flattening iron is the best thing that has ever happened to me! So far, it appears my children are blessed with "normal" hair. Thank goodness!


Kelly said...

Leigh Ann - in college - I thought you had the greatest hair ever!!! It always looked so cute! (Still does)
You do have a lot of hair - but you never have to worry about going bald! :-)
I think your hair is beautiful and part of what makes you YOU!
P.S. This post made me laugh real loud - especially that sexy look you are giving in your glamour shot! :-)

Megan said...

I like your hair Leigh Ann. And you've always looked pretty to me. My hair is thick, but straight so it's never had any body.

Rachel said...

you are one hot mama! Love the trip down memory lane.

Hillary said...

Albert from LHOTP! That's so mean...but really funny!!!

Jill said...

My hair was so big in the 9th grade that it didn't all fit into my school picture! I thought about this the other day too, I used to carry a FULL size bottle of hairspray in my purse, not on a special occasion, but all the time. My brother used to call me the Flying Nun because I had those "wings" Rememmber when you would lean over to the side and spritz the sides of your hair and then blow dry it to make it stand out! What were we thinking? AARGH!

Sarah said...

I think you look bee-you-tee-ful! Then AND now. I truly think you and your friend in the next post have simply gotten even prettier since high school. :)

I, too, had a spiral perm ON TOP of this mess! It cracks me up to think about it now. Why in the world...

I love your comment about what people say. I have always gotten, "Your hair sure is red/curly/frizzy/whatever" and "You certainly are pale/fair/white, aren't you!" And, like you, I'm thinking YES I KNOW THAT PEOPLE. Amazing how others have a keen knack for the obvious, isn't it?! :)

Laurie said...

I wish I had your hair! I think it is beautiful. I have to say that I have always thought Albert was just precious. That is very funny!