Thursday, February 7, 2008

Four out of Four

Well, we did it! We ALL did it! We all got this terrible stomach virus. I don't know when I have ever felt quite so bad. You know how it is when you are a mom though. You really don't ever get a chance to be sick and in the bed, especially when your children and husband are sick, too. Derek and I did take shifts and that seemed to help. He was able to go back to work today and says he feels back to his old self. Ella Grace is still not 100% and neither am I. However, Evan got it last and as of today is over it. Thank goodness his case was not as bad as ours! I'm sure Ella and I should be back to normal in the next day or two. You all stay well and far away from this virus! I pray we don't follow this up with the flu!


Kelly said...

I am SO sorry you are so sick. I have never understood how moms do it. You just don't have the luxury of hiding in bed all day when you are sick when you have little ones. I hope you feel better soon!

Meredith said...

Oh no! Thats terrible all of you got sick! Feel lots better really soon!