Friday, June 27, 2008

Use it Again!

In the back of my mind for several months, I've had the nagging, "You really need to start recycling." I was embarrassed I hadn't started yet but kept putting it off and putting it off.

I was inspired by a post on Meredith's blog and a comment left by Betsy. I called the city last week, and they delivered the bin the same day. It doesn't cost a thing and only took a second to call. Our city's recycling program only takes aluminum cans and newspaper, but just doing that little bit has made me feel better. Now, I just need to find out how to recycle water bottles or maybe even invest in a water filtration system. Does anyone out there have a water filtration system? What brand do you use?

My need to recycle comes along with all the research I have done on autism. Studies show that children with autism aren't able to rid themselves of toxins like those of us without autism. Often times, their methylation pathway that aids in helping us get rid of the toxins we breathe, ingest, etc. is "broken." We give Evan methyl B-12 shots and work with a physician who is helping him to methylate properly. Also, this is why some believe vaccinations could be the culprit of causing autism because there have been preservatives in vaccines and there is also a lot of other "junk" in them as well. If you think about it, if your body can't get rid of toxins correctly, it makes sense as to why one might have trouble paying attention and learning. I think Evan's autism was caused by a combination of factors, and I think the trigger for each child is different. We live in a toxic world (I can't think about it too much because it can really freak me out), and I wonder if the increase of children with autism could be directly linked to the increase in toxins in our environment.

That's my two cents for the day. Thanks Meredith and Betsy for encouraging me (whether you knew you did or not). I feel better! Maybe they will encourage you, too!

In this recycle bin, there are way too many Diet Coke cans. I had no idea I was drinking that many. :)

And speaking of recycling. I have been blessed because my friend, Kim, gave me six boxes of girl baby clothes when I had EG, and my sister and her neighbor have been sending me their little girls' clothes they have outgrown. They have given me so many adorable little outfits for Ella Grace. Do you like "hand me downs"?


Lindsey said...

Love, love, love hand me downs....for everyone in my family:)

We just really started being serious about recycling. We are finally going GREEN:)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I LOVE hand me downs too!

About recycling...
I cleaned out my pantry and fridge this morning, and was amazed at what I was able to recycle. Usually, that task requires at least two large garbage bags and today, I didn't even use a full one!

Our town has curbside recycling, but it's an extra $25/month for the bins/pick-up, and frankly, I'm too cheap to pay for something I can do for free. I just have some boxes in my garage for plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, and tin/aluminum.

The drop off center is on our way to church, and even though we took a months worth of stuff last Sunday, we're planning to stop again this week because we're already full!!

It's amazing what a difference it makes!

Sorry this is so long. I'm getting to be really passionate about this!

Oh, I have a Nikken Aqua Pour water filtration system. I love it. The water is really really good. It's pricey, but worth it. You could google it and read more.

Julie said...

I somehow got behind on a few of your posts! :( Sorry I'm a little late. Loved the first happy meal pictures. So very cute!! I was way older though before I got my first happy meal. :(

Megan L Hutchings said...

You are such a wonderful mother! Recycling is something that Web & I definitely need to do more =)! I have even considered asking the people who live in our little breeze way if they want to do it together ;)!

I have not experienced hand me downs yet, BUT I do love shopping at Once Upon A Child!

Kelly said...

I have finally started to recycle this year too. Of course - our town made it really easy on us - they gave us an enormous barrell that they will pick up every week. I think I'm going to get those reusable bags from Wal-Mart to use also instead of the plastic sacks.
And yes - hand me downs are great!

Laura said...

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to take advantage of hand me downs. All my friends' children are so much older than Alise and so are my nephews (which really wouldn't matter, now, would it with Alise being a girl!). Anyway. Great post!

Heather said...

My sister in law is always bringing me "hand me downs" and I love it!
I need to get on the ball with our recycling....we still don't do anything but cans.
(and I'm quite sure you don't have as many as we do since my hubby can drink one can in about ONE DRINK!!) But I digress, I love ya, friend and hope you guys have a great weekend!

Heather said...

I love hand me downs. Actually, I pretty much love all things free! Our town provides a recycling bin, too. It's amazing to see how much we put in it each week!

Betsy said...

I'm all about hand me downs...especially since kids grow so fast and half the time, they barely put any wear and tear on their clothes before they outgrow them!

I think recycling is great because really it's so easy and yet it makes such a big difference!

His Doorkeeper said...

Unfortunately our town is behind in the recycle world! We live "out" so we burn alot of things. But in a city, I think it is a great service that you are able to get curbside service!

I still have a few baby hand-me-downs from my children and I will pass them on to my grandchildren.I have a few of the dresses I wore as a baby and alot of what Kelly wore!

Meag said...

I haven't gotten to far in the "being green" department yet and I am outside the city limits, so no recycle pick up for me. I have thought about getting some fabric shopping bags though to do my part... I like the idea of that. About water filtration, I am not sure, but if you link to "The Autry Family" from my blog or from Megan's, she just had to have a filtration system installed because they are trying to adopt and her water tested positive for bacteria or something... so she probably could tell you all about it!

Lauren said...

The majority of Dawson's wardrobe is hand-me-downs. LOVE THEM. My aunt had twin boys 2 years ago in December, so all of their clothes were perfect for Mega-Word since he was born in January. You're lucky to have so many for EG!