Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday Fun Day

What a great Monday! Ella Grace and I took Evan to school, and then we were off to play at Gymboree. We are usually early because it doesn't take that long to get there from Evan's school, so I have been taking EG through the McDonald's drive thru to get her a McGriddle. I'm not big on McDonald's food other than their breakfast menu. EG is almost two and has never even had a Happy Meal. I just can't do it! I know the day will come when she will want it though. Anyway, Ella can mow down a McGriddle fast. She doesn't eat the sausage but loves the pancake part. She calls, "More," from the backseat just as fast as I can get a bite ready for her.

After breakfast, we had a great time at Gymboree. EG is still REALLY shy around other kids. That is one reason I want to take her. She almost acts scared of other children. She likes to watch them and then do what the other children do. She just doesn't want them too close. She has even started to say, "shy," when others come around and she is not wanting them to take her or get too close. I guess it's just this age??? A teacher at Evan's school reminded me yesterday how being shy is actually a good thing because they won't readily go with a stranger. I guess that's true.

After Gymboree, we went to Wal-Mart for diapers and a birthday gift card for my nephew, Will. I came home with the card but no diapers. I hate when I do that! I have to make lists or it never fails I will forget something! Urgh!

After we got home, we got an invitation to meet someone really special for lunch...Daddy! What a treat! This doesn't happen very often at all because Derek only has a 30 minute lunch break, so EG and I jumped at the chance and headed to the local pizza place. EG loves pizza, and it was so fun to see Derek in the middle of the day.

Ella and Daddy

Doesn't he look thrilled?! I took out my camera, and he said, "Oh, no." He is a good sport.

Later that evening, we met Derek's family at Colton's Steakhouse for my nephew, Will's, ninth birthday. Colton's was Will's choice because of the rolls and honey. I agree, the rolls were the best part of the meal! Then, we went to Derek's brother's house for cake and ice cream. Evan and Will had the best time jumping on Will's trampoline.

Will wanted Derek to catch the perfect action shot. Der took about 50 pictures. I think this one reflects the action pretty well. The action was so fast that every other picture he took is blurry! Those boys were fast.

Happy Birthday, Will!

Another fun thing...dressing Ella Grace in this for the birthday party...

I have had my eye on this outfit for a while (I love the pantaloons), but Dillard's was really proud of it and I wasn't about to pay that for it! Then, Jamie blogged about a sale at Strasburg Children. I went to check it out last week, and there it was 20% off! Thanks for the tip, Jamie!

Hope you all had a great Monday!


mer said...

Cute outfit...and who doesn't love a sale!?!

I can't stand it when I forget stuff at the store...especially when I forget stuff at Walmart...because I try to get in and OUT of there as quickly as I can!

Hope you have a great day today and that it is every bit as great as yesterday was! :)

Lauren said...

I love that picture of your hubby. And what a cute outfit for EG!! She is just so adorable. I know you are proud of her.

Meag said...

If EG was running around my house I would be dressing her up all of the time - she is too cutie patootie!

Girl, If I had a dollar for every time I went to the store and had to turn right around and go back for something I forgot, I would be rich! In my world, it it's not written down it doesn't get done or purchased or anything! I am a big list maker and write-it-downer too!

Megan L Hutchings said...

So AUNT Meag, Moo, and La are officially in LOVE with EG! She is so precious in her little outfit!

I am so glad you had a nice lunch with Derek! Hopefully we will get to meet him sometime as well ;)!

Angela said...

Ughhh...forgetting stuff at the store, I hate when that happens. I went to the store last week and forgot to get the avocados for the guacamole. Now, how was guacamole to happen without avocados???

It does look like you had a fun day! Loved the outfit!

karamy3sons said...

I know what you mean by forgetting stuff when you go to the store! I left my debit card in the machine at the checkout at Target one time. I did not realize it until I went to another store to do some shopping and panicked! PTL it was at the C/S counter and had not been stolen by someone!!!
My husband asked what your husband flew and I told him I think he flies a "Black Hawk" Helicopter! Please correct me, if needed! Glad yall had fun at the birthday party. Have a blessed week.
Kara-Jer. 29:11-13

Meredith said...

The birthday sounded fun! Gymboree is such a neat place for kids. Im sure it will help EG in time. Glaad ya'll could meet for lunch-how special! And I love that dress too! So pretty!

Betsy said...

Look at that cutie pie! That outfit is precious.

I love surprise lunches with Daddy. Those are the best! Sounds like you had a great day!

PS-I am the queen of forgetting one item at the store. Soooo frustrating!!

Lindsey said...

I adore EG's outfit and she truly looks adorable wearing it. Loved all the pics.

Hillary said...

I love how you call her EG...I think I'll do that too! :) She looks great in that green dress!! I bet it is so fun dressing up a little girl!

Kelly said...

I love EG's green dress. SO CUTE!!!! And Derek looks very handsome in his army outfit (I know it's not army but I don't know what else to call it!)(flight suit????) ha!
I love colton's rolls and honey too!!!!! YUM!

The Garners said...

So glad you got a bargain on EG's CUTE outfit--she looks so pretty!!! :)

We like to get to have lunch with Lane, too...we used to do that a lot, but not nearly as often now that he's in school. It's always fun to see him during the day.

I'd love to get the kids together to play sometime very soon! We'd love to meet at the park and pack a lunch or something!?