Saturday, June 21, 2008

Congratulations, Friend!

I want to send out a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my sweet friend, Kelly. If you have not read her announcement, you can go here. Kelly has shared her journey with infertility on her blog. Through her story, she has encouraged me (and I'm certain countless others) with struggles in my own life through her attitude, trust, and extraordinary faith. God has answered her prayers in a miraculous way. You can also read "Grandma Judy's" post here. Such a wonderful family!

Congratulations, my sweet, precious friend. Derek and I are so happy for you! What a blessed baby to have you for a mommy!


mer said...

Leigh Ann,

I couldn't get Kelly off my mind yesterday, and I had the happiest smile on my face all day long! I am THRILLED for Kelly and Scott! God is good!

Kelly said...

You are so sweet Leigh Ann - thank you! And I LOVE your new blog look! EG's nursery is precious - I need to see more pics of it!!!!

Heather said...

I LOVE your new blog look! Your blog is one of my favs....I just couldn't give you the award b/c Kelly beat me to it!!
Thanks so much for praying for me!

Laura said...

I'm so happy for Kelly! How do you two know each other?