Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All About Ella Grace

I wish I could stop time. Evan is turning into a big boy right before my eyes and Ella Grace is already 20 months old! It's hard to believe how fast they are growing and how fast time is flying by. They are both at such fun ages. I just wish I could stop the clock.

On Saturday, Ella Grace turned 20 months old. We spent the day at my sister's house. She and her husband live next door to their best friends who have a swimming pool. They invited us over to swim. My mom and dad also came over, and we had a fish fry. Most of the fish my dad had caught himself. He makes really good fried fish. We had a wonderful meal. Evan and EG both ate very well. EG especially loved hush puppies. I think she could have eaten her little body weight in them! I so wish I would have taken my camera to have pictures of the great time we had, but sometimes I'm lucky to just get everything packed, everyone dressed, out the door, and making it to our destination somewhat on time. With all that, I just forgot the camera.

Every month I like to make a little list of the new things Ella Grace is saying and doing:

She LOVES cats and dogs. She points them out everywhere. She usually points and says, "Cat. Awwww! Cute!" It is very sweet. I'm sorry that she loves them so much because we will never have one of our own. Derek and I are neither fond of cats. I guess I should never say never. I really think she could get anything she wanted out of her Daddy.

She is on the "mess" patrol. She points out a "mess" anywhere and everywhere. She is especially on top of any mess Evan makes and is quick to come find me to let me know. She is such a little mother.

She is starting to put 2-3 words together.

It melts my heart when she asks for a "hug" with arms outstretched or a "tiss."

When she wants me to pick her up, she says, "Hold you."

She says, "Now beddor (better)," after getting her diaper changed or after anything has been fixed.

She is starting to say, "wet," when she needs a diaper change. Potty training is right around the corner!

She tries on every pair of shoes in her closet EVERY DAY, multiple times a day. She also wants to try on clothes all day. She wants them on top of what she already has on. She reminds of that little girl in the children's book, "Heidi."

I snapped this yesterday afternoon while playing in the backyard. Of course, she is still crazy about accessories, and with all there was to play with in the backyard, she wanted to try on shoes! You can see her holding one.

She loves to play in my makeup. She is a definite girly girl.

She loves to pretend to vacuum with her play vacuum. I have every intention on letting her push around the real vacuum when she is big enough. :)

She is sweet, sweet, sweet.

One of her favorite activities is reading books.

She is quite shy around others she doesn't know well.

She is funny and loves it when you say something is funny. She puts her little hand over her mouth and laughs.

She LOVES her babies. "Baby" and "Bunnit" are her favorites.

She can sing her ABC's.

I took this picture this morning. This is EG with "Baby" and "Bunnit" (she combined bunny rabbit to get "Bunnit" which I thought was pretty cleaver). She is also holding a picture of a cat! All the things she loves!

Aren't I one blessed Mommy!?


Candy said...

She is just PRECIOUS!!! I love the list. :) I did this on my blog for Ella until she turned 2. I sometimes wonder if I should still be doing it. I hope I'm writing enough on her calendar to remember everything! I know what you mean. They are growing up SO fast!! I'm with you on the cat thing. They scare me to death!!

Lauren said...

I just want to put her in my pocket and walk around with her all day. She is THE definition of "precious." She makes me want a daughter!

Angela said...

Yes, you are a blessed mommy! She truly is a precious little girl. I tell you, honestly, that the picture at the top of our blog melts my heart every time I see it. I just love it!

Poor Ella Grace...never having a cat. No, just joking, we are not cat people either. I'm sure there are some really nice ones out there but we have always had the mean ones that bite our legs when we walk by. Never again!

I remember my boys doing the "hold you" thing. I actually miss it! I, too, wish I could stop time or at least slow it down. They seem to change overnight.

Megan L Hutchings said...


How sweet is this? Everytime you post about her, it makes me smile from ear to ear!!!!

I can't believe she is saying her ABC's!!!! AND, a girl who loves to vac is a girl after my heart =)!

Her surprise should be in the mail soon =)!

mer said...

She is adorable! I wish I could freeze time for you!

Oh, and now you've got me craving fried fish! I love it so much and we can't get it around here...not the good kind anyway. We're heading to Arkansas next month, and you better believe we're going to eat buckets of it!

karamy3sons said...

Let me just tell you, EG is just the cutest little thing! I love that she is so girly-girl! Thanks for keeping us bloggers updated on your family. They are so precious. I love the new look of your blog! Very pretty. The news about Kelly is so exciting, the Lord is so faithful and good.
Know that I pray for you and your family daily! Have a blessed week.
In Christ, Kara Jn. 3:30
PS. I am going to check-out your sons info. that you have listed in your blog.
PSS. Thanks for checking into Compassion!!

Faith said...

She is absolutely precious! I love to hear how little ones say different things. Emma says "pold me" when she wants you to hold her....it is one of my favorite things she says! Love the pic of her with her "bunnit"!

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

That is such a sweet post! EG is too cute! :) My problem is I would sitting around and holding her all day! Have a great day, LAH!

Betsy said...

Oh my goodness....I could just eat that child up!! I LOVE the picture of her in the sunglasses!! I wish I could freeze time, too. It goes by so fast. Just enjoy every minute with that little sweetie!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

P.S. Check your e-mail when you can ;)!

Meag said...

Oh!!! LAH, I LOVE this post. You know anything about Ella Grace just brings joy to my day. I think if I could look up precioius, most adorable, girly-girl that her picture would be right there! Of course, she'd have to be an adorable, precious, girly-girl... she's your daughter!

Julie said...

Ella is so adorable!! You are a BLESSED MOMMY!!! I love that she loves books at such an early age. I can only imagine how the time if flying by!!

Laura said...

Ella is so sweet! She just makes me smile! When you talk about her, I try to remember what my Alise was doing at that same age and I think, "Wow, I have already forgotten so much!" Give that Baby Girl a hug for me!

The Garners said...

She is such a sweet and beautiful little girl! She and Alexee could totally be friends--they could sit in the floor together and point out dogs and cats in books or play in a make-up bag...two of A's favorite activities. She can (sort-of) say dog, and gets super excited when she sees one (in a picture OR in real life). That's so good that EG can sing her ABC's--wow!! A is almost 17 months, but she's only putting "bye bye daddy" or "bye bye Rhett" together. They change so much in just three months though...it's all wonderful!

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog.
Your love for your children melts my heart!

Anonymous said...

Oh LAH! She's so beautiful. This makes me miss all of you. Why don't we ever get together???
Annie and Lowrey love cats, too, especially Annie, and I'm so glad I have the excuse that I am allergic to them since I also just don't like them. I keep saying the reason we can't have one is that they make Momma sick. Of course Annie then says "But they don't make ME sick!" Ha.
- Kandi

Lindsey said...

She is the cutest little thing. My MM also said, "Hold you" when she wanted me to hold her. I loved it! You reminded me of that precious locked away memory. Thanks for sharing:)