Sunday, June 1, 2008

20 Things I'll (Probably) Never Do

I just found Lindsey's blog not too long ago. I just love what she has to say. She always makes me laugh! She recently wrote a list of 20 things she'll probably never do and asked for others to share their lists. So, here we go in no particular order...

  1. I'll never quit researching autism and treatments.
  2. I'll never regret quitting work to stay home with my children.
  3. I'll never stop wishing for a swimming pool in my backyard.
  4. I'll never stop hoping and praying Derek is not sent back to Iraq.
  5. I'll never walk around a hotel room barefoot.
  6. I'll never enjoy using public restrooms.
  7. I'll never attend Talladega or any other car race.
  8. I'll never sing a solo again! (Everyone should make a joyful noise, they just don't all need a microphone. I definitely fall in that category.)
  9. I'll never care to swim in a lake again.
  10. I'll never ride on a motorcycle or participate in any extreme sport.
  11. I'll never enjoy dieting.
  12. I'll never get tired of chocolate.
  13. I'll never NOT cry while watching Extreme Home Makeover or a romantic comedy.
  14. I'll never mow the lawn again (one of my least favorite things to do).
  15. I'll never enjoy really cold weather.
  16. I'll never stop taking photographs.
  17. I'll never like wearing a bathing suit in public.
  18. I'll never NOT be extremely scared of snakes.
  19. I'll never NOT have thick, frizzy hair. (Thank goodness for the Chi iron...I'm just sayin')
  20. I'll never quit searching for the perfect pants or jeans. (Being 5'11", finding the perfect fit is nearly impossible. Capri pants are the best thing that ever happened to me! Ha!)

What about you? What are your 20 things?

Have a great week y'all!


Candy said...

This was fun!! I'm right there with you on so many of these things! :)

mer said...

Great list! I could have written most of it myself!

You're 5'11?? Wow. You got 8 inches on me, girl!

Lauryn said...

Hey - I adore that picture of your kids kissing!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope you are doing well!

Lauren said...

This is adorable! I'm totally feelin' you on the chocolate and the bathing suit thing! You are TALL! (Newsflash to you, right?) If we all stood together, we'd look like stairsteps...first you, then me, then Meag, then Moo! Also, lovin' the new pic of EG and's beautiful.

Laura said...

Hi! Girl, we have got ALOT of things in common! I've been married for 13 years and my last name is Horton! I'm with ya on #5, #6, #11, & #12! Love your blog and pics!!

Lindsey said...

WOW! I'm not surprised we have so much in to Nascar, no to barefoot in hotel rooms, no to public restrooms, no to snakes, no to bathing suits! Yes to the swimming pool! Great list:)

Oh and I adore the new picture at the top of your blog. It is priceless!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I love your list LAH! Definitely agree with the chocolate...YUMO!

I ADORE the new blogger heading! E & EG just melt my heart!

pengelly love said...

I am SO with you especially on #3 and #19...still wishing for a pool in my backyard...and love the CHI iron!

karamy3sons said...

Happy Monday!! I love the new photo of the kids on the top of your blog! Hope you had a good weekend! Your list is great!

Jer. 29:11-13

Betsy said...

I loved your list, Leigh Ann! Now I feel like I know you better. And, girl, let me tell you that I am right there with you on the Chi flat iron. What would I do without that thing?

Your new header is so great! That picture is adorable.

Betsy said...

PS--I didn't know you were 5'11"!! Wow! I'm a shorty--only 5'2"!

Meag said...

I love this post! I am going to do one too! It is so fun to learn about the ins and outs and little quirky things about each other. I didn't realize you were so tall! How cool is that!?! And... just FYI... I share your aversion to walking in hotels barefoot, public restrooms, and creepy-crawly things!

His Doorkeeper said...

Hey LeighAnne, I got tickled at you and Lindsey saying no to bathing suits but yes to a swimming pool! What are you going to wear in your pool?

Just kidding.....I know you mean being out in "public" in a bathing suit, right? You are tall and'd look great in any suit!
Love the header of Evan and Ella sweet!

Meredith said...

Leigh Ann! Fun to get to know you better!

Heather said...

LOVE your list! Amen to #2 and DEFINITELY praise Jesus for the CHI!!! I just cringe at pics taken "BC" (Before CHI!) :)

Angela said...

Love love love the top photo! It makes me happy every time I get on your blog...seriously. It is just so sweet!

I love your list! The one about the singing a solo and the "not everyone needs a microphone" cracked me up!