Monday, June 9, 2008

Our First Watermelon

While at the grocery store today, I picked up our first watermelon of the season. Nothing says Summer like an ice cold piece of watermelon! When we got home this afternoon after picking Evan up from school, he was so excited to see the "watermamon" on the counter. I cut it up, and he ate three pieces (I think he may have even eaten some rhine). He loved it. EG enjoyed it, too.

We are on day one of eating more healthy. Derek grilled chicken and I steamed some veggies. Derek is not big on eating healthy or vegetables. I really don't know how he stays thin! It's not fair! Ha! He did well though. As he said, "I ate my green." I swear I have three children!!! :)

While he was grilling, it started to really storm...raining, thundering, lightening, winds. He braved the elements and came back with some very tasty chicken!


While at the store today, I ran into one of my blogging BFF's and also BFF in real life, Kim, along with her adorable children. Of course, I had to take our picture right there in Kroger. We laughed and laughed. Neither one of us said why we were laughing, but I think it was because I am a geek! Ha! I also had to take a picture of our children in their cars. This was Ella's first time to ride in the "tar."

EG kept holding Joseph's hand. At first, she wanted him to see the stamps on her hands she got at Gymboree, but then she kept going back to hold his hand. It was so sweet. I don't blame her one bit. He is quite the cutie pie!

This is for Anna Elise. She wanted me to take her picture with her Dora soup. Anna Elise's grocery list included frozen dinners, chocolate covered donuts, and the Dora soup (Kim wasn't going for it though). That menu actually sounds pretty good to me right now. I'm starving from eating healthy!!!


Meredith said...

MMM! Watermelon! My daddy always says "it's natures popsicle!" HA! It is so yum! I bet your kiddos loved it! AW! It's always fun to run into people while running errands!

The Polk Family said...

I was not thinking Geek while you were taking our picture!! It just struck me as funny, but I enjoyed the laugh! Thanks for including us on the blog...I know AE will be thrilled to see herself and that soup!

Angela said...

Oh, I WISH I liked watermelon. Hayden is crazy about it and I know I would buy them more often if I liked them. My mother-in-law was just telling me how refreshing they were. They look good?!

How fun to run into one of your blogging friends at the grocery store. You are a TRUE blogger with your camera in the grocery store.

Meag said...

Eating healthy is no fun... well sometimes it starts out fun, but that feeling runs out pretty quick! Good luck though - the grilled chicken and vegi's looked good! Watermelon is my absolutle favorite!! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! You have inspired me to make a trip to Kroger today myself - Yumo!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I love WATERMELON!!!!! I am so proud of you for eating so healthy! You are a much stronger person than I am =)!

EG looks adorable in her little car!

Kelly said...

Yum for watermelon! That sounds good!
I'm laughing that you were taking pics in the grocery store!!! You are going to have to watch that EG - she is going to have the boys flocking after her! :-)
I love those car carts!!!

Jessica said...

The kids in the cart are so cute!!

Faith said...

Yay for watermelon and eating healthy! Looks so good.
Love the pics in the grocery! Too funny! You guys are just adorable!!!

Lauren said...

I love running into people at the grocery store. It makes it more fun. How cute is that pic with the Dora soup?!

Candy said...

Watermelon sounds SO good!!!
You are so funny taking pictures in the grocery store. :)