Thursday, March 6, 2008

Weigh In - Week Ten

Whaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I gained 1.25 lbs. this week!!! I'm so sad because I exercised so hard this week. What in the world is going on? It makes me want to sit on my rear end again because I was doing a lot better before I started walking/running. The WW leader assured me that I should not stop exercising and this can happen when you first start exercising and it should level out soon. That makes no sense to me! I guess I'll trust her and see what happens next week. I knew this was bound to happen sometime, that I wouldn't lose weight every week, but I sure didn't expect to gain when I had been working so hard. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hopefully, next week will be better.


Candy said...

UGH! I have heard of that happening to people before. Don't give up!! You can do it. :)