Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Beautiful Day, a Great Lunch, and Toys for a Birthday Boy

What a beautiful day! It's 78 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I LOVE Spring. I just feel better all the way around when it is warm outside and I feel sun on my skin. Derek is off the rest of the week. I just love that! We went out to lunch today and then went shopping for Evan's birthday presents. We went to this little toy store called Toy Up. They have the neatest things there...things you won't find at places like Toys R Us. Then, it was off to pick Evan up from school. I can't believe in two short days he will be six years old. It's so bittersweet. I'm hanging onto every hour between now and then. I know, I'm so sentimental. I can't help it!

Derek and Ella Grace at lunch at Buffalo Grill.

Ella and her new friend, the buffalo head mounted on the wall. She wanted to touch it so bad, but I just couldn't let her (notice Derek holding her hands down). It kind of creeps me out! She loved it!

This is the cute little car that sits outside the toy store. It reminds me of the police car in the "Andy Griffith Show." As a matter of fact, if you look close, it says "Barney and Andy" on the side. I like the little wind up thing on the back. The man that owns the store says he does drive it occasionally.

For a girl that loves babies, life doesn't get much better than this! There were so many!

She loved this baby in a grocery cart. I see this toy in our near future!


Right now, this is what my wonderful husband and children are doing...

Evan's shirt has a puppy dog wearing a crown that says, "The Duke." That says it all!!! :)


Angela said...

That looks like a fun day! That is exciting Evan is turning six...for him at least :). It is hard to believe they grow up so fast!

Candy said...

It does look like ya'll had a fun day! I love the toy store pictures. :) Okay, so our kids have almost the same names AND almost the same bdays? Ethan's is the 19th. When is Ella Grace's? They grow up too fast, I agree!

His Doorkeeper said...

How did you keep Miss Ella from grabbing all those dolls off the shelf? Your kids are so cute but they do grow up FAST!!

Rachel said...

Buffalo Grill! Oh just rub it in. That makes me so homesick....Oh I miss that place.

Kelly said...

What a GREAT day!!!!!
You have a SIX year old!!!!!! OH MY!