Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Weigh-In and a Shishimi

Yeah! I lost the 1.25 lbs. I gained last week, so I'm back down to 25 lbs. lost. Now, I probably gained it back because right after I weighed, I went out to eat with my girlfriends at a new restaurant called Shishimi, a Japanese steakhouse that just opened in our community. Is this really happening to me? Shishimi and a new Wal-Mart all in the same week! Wow! I must be dreaming. :)

My girls and I had a great time catching up! We hardly even watched the chef as he prepared our food. Actually, the only thing I really remember about him was the big tub of butter he put in the fried rice (which I'm sure will lead back to the 1.25 lbs). It sure was good though and as always the company was the best!

Abby and Michelle

Kim, me and Toni


Hillary said...

I bet you didn't gain that 1.25 lbs back! In fact I bet you lose again this weekend. Maybe that butter shocked your system! Even Bob from The Biggest Loser said they let them all have a cheat meal after their weigh in! My only problem is I like to have cheat weekends! :)

Kelly said...

I love Japanese steakhouses!!!! YUM!!!!! You have hit the big time in your town! :-)
Hillary is right - you should have a cheat day to shock your system every week according to Biggest Loser! You are doing SO great!!!! And you look great too!

Michele said...

Before long I'm not even going to recognize the place! You can bet we'll be eating there next time we are in town :)

Angela said...

How did I miss this? Good for you on the weight loss and the restaurant :). If you were going to "cheat" on Japanese food, right after weigh in is the perfect time! Sounds really yummy, actually!