Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weigh In - Week 14

I have been so bad the last several weeks. March was full of family birthdays and then Easter rolled around. I never really counted points or wrote down all of the food I ate. I missed a couple of meetings due to Derek's work schedule. Needless to say, things weren't going like they should have regarding my healthy eating. I am very shocked that tonight I am still holding at 25 lbs. lost. I did start back pretty strict this week, and I'm really going to try to hit it hard for the next few months. I still can't bear the thought of getting in a swimsuit. I want so badly to take Evan and Ella Grace to the pool this summer without scaring anybody! However, I did just eat some pizza. We always have a treat after weigh in nights. Derek LOVES Thursday nights because we always eat something really tasty and it's usually take-out. I think he starves the rest of the time. That's how he rolls though. He'd rather starve than eat a low-fat meal! He always asks, "Is this a WW meal," or "Is this organic?" Sometimes I story and say no even if it is. He never knows the difference! Is your husband a picky eater? Will he eat low-fat meals?


Sarah said...

Jon's comments on low fat recipes usually amount to, "It doesn't suck." Thanks honey.

I'm huddled in the closet right now...are you nervous with this weather? Is it coming ya'll's direction? Did I just make up a word? Can you tell I'm a bit anxious? :)

Kelly said...

You are my hero!!!!

And yes- Scott will eat anything!

Sarah said...

Thank you Leigh Ann! You'd think I could figure out when to come out of the closet based on the weather on the web but common sense is not always my strong point when it comes to tornados! :)

Leaving the closet's hot in here!

Lauryn said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. There are so many of us out there who are unfortunately bonded by our children.

Keep fighting for your baby!! And we'll keep praying for them all.

Angela said...

I'm proud of you, girl! Have all of the fun and still keeping off 25 pounds is GREAT! That is funny about Derek starving. Chad will pretty much eat just about anything I make. I try new stuff all of the time so nearly every night he is surprised.

I can always tell what he doesn't like by pushing the unwanted food to the side of his plate. The day I fixed your Linguine with Red Bell Pepper, Carrots and Broccoli, I kid you not, he brought his plate into the kitchen with every single veggie still on his plate. I wanted to bonk him on the forehead like on the V-8 commercials. Oh well, at least he ate the noodles (and didn't complain).