Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Doodle Diva

When I was looking to have a personalized canvas painted for Ella Grace's room, I met the Doodle Diva aka Stacey. Not only is she talented, she is one of the sweetest people and has the cutest little girl! I loved our consultations. She always made them fun and I loved hearing her ideas. She can do ANYTHING, but she loves whimsy. I'm a little on the conservative side, so she scaled back a lot for me. I loved all the things she painted for the nursery.

She took the stripe and floral inspiration from Ella's bedding, and added the butterflies. I don't know if you can see it from the picture, but the body of the butterfly is a button and the wings are made from ribbon. I love how she added the finials at the top with lots of ribbon. Very girlie.

She painted dots and stripes on this clothes pole. I love this pole. I use it all the time.

Some of my friends from the church we used to go to gave me this adorable step stool. Stacey painted this, too. I felt so bad because when they gave it to me, it had "Emma" painted on it. I wasn't going to say anything, but I guess someone else did. They had Stacey repaint it. I think this may be one of my favorite things she got for her room. What a sweet gift.

I haven't talked to Stacey in a while. This week was terribly busy and I knew I wouldn't have any time to shop for a baby gift for an upcoming shower. I called her on Monday and she had something ready by Wednesday. I told her the colors of the nursery and she came up with the giraffe print and zebra print idea. I totally could not visualize it and it sounded a lot more trendy than what I have in Ella Grace's room, but I trusted her. I really liked how it turned out. I thought it was so cute.

So, if you need any personalized artwork, call Stacey. She is great to work with, affordable, and very creative. She also just finished a project for Extreme Homemaker! She said the beginning of the show where they knock on the door and surprise the family is true. I always thought there was some acting involved there, but she said she had to be real careful when she sent the art so not to give away the surprise. They rescheduled it three times! I can't wait to see the episode.


Meag said...

What cuite cute stuff!!!! I LOVE stuff like that - what great gift ideas!!!! Ella Grace's room must be SO adorable!

Kelly said...

I love all of the stuff she has made Ella and I LOVE the baby thing she made with the animal prints. That is PRECIOUS!!!!!

The Garners said...

ALL so very cute!!!

Candy said...


Megan L Hutchings said...

How Adorable! I especially love the pole...too cute!

Lindsey said...

Such cute stuff! Love it ALL!!!!

So glad you stopped by my blog. I enjoyed my visit to yours and I'll be back to visit:)