Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have two guilty pleasures on TV right now...Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelorette.

I LOVE Dancing with the Stars, and this year I was so excited that Kristi Yamaguchi was a contestant. I have always been a big fan of professional figure skating, and Kristi Yamaguchi and Ekaterina Gordeeva were my two favorites. Derek even surprised me one year with tickets to Stars on Ice when they came to my home town. We had seats right on the ice, and I got to see my two favorites skate in person. It was so exciting! At the end, some of the skaters came by to shake our hands, but the two on our side weren't Kristi or Ekaterina. :( I even have a Kristi Christmas tree ornament. Ha! One thing I did learn about KY while watching DWTS was that she was born with a club foot. I never knew that. In spite of it, she became an olympic gold medalist. Wow! Anyway, Kristi has not disappointed on DWTS. She has been flawless every dance. I kind of expected it because I'm sure her dancing on ice has only helped. Plus, she is in fantastic shape. It's hard to believe she has had two children (people like that kind of make me mad...hee hee). They announce the winner tonight. I never call in to vote, but I hope my Kristi gets that ugly trophy!

While Derek was deployed last year, I really got into The Bachelor. I was so disappointed at the end of the series when hunky Brad did not choose either of the final two girls and sent them home packing. I wanted him to choose Jenny because I thought DeAnna wasn't very nice to the other girls on the show. I was actually really surprised she made it to the end. Now, DeAnna is the bachelorette, and she is kind of growing on me. She has a good group of handsome men, but some of them showed their true colors really quick. Some were just weird! How about Spero? I think I would have just said, "Thanks, but no thanks. You can get back in the limo now." Oh, and the guy with her name printed on his underwear. What in the world??? My favorites so far are Jeremy and Jason. So cute! We'll see what happens!

Anyone else out there watching these shows? Please humor me, so I don't feel like such a geek!


mer said...

Yep, I love Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelor too. But for some reason, I wasn't able to get into either show this season. I was so disappointed in the Bachelor's ending last season also...and just don't know if I can get interested in The Bachelorette. I'll give it a try though!

Michele said...

I don't watch dancing but did watch the bachelor last season because my 65 year old MOM kept talking about it! LOL! I watched last night (much to my husband's dismay) and was not impressed with many of them. I did like the single dad (name?) but not sure he will win her over with a child - but maybe so??

Megan L Hutchings said...

You are NOT a geek! My favorite show So You Think You Can Dance starts on Thursday! SO EXCITED!

LOVED EG with the Cherry Coke!

Kelly said...

I'm with you - I did not like DeAnna on the bachelor. But she has grown on me. (I LOVED BRAD!)
yes - I did not like hardly any of those guys.

Angela said...

Oh, yeah, I'm watching both of them. I love DWTS and am rooting for Kristi, too. As for the Bachelorette...I've taken a few seasons off of the Bachelor but did see the finale of the Bachelor with Brad so I was interested when I heard that DeAnna would be the new B-ette. I think this will be fun!

Lindsey said...

I don't watch those shows but I watch plenty of others:). I'm sort of a TV fanatic.