Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Hey, Ev!"

It has been so funny to me that in the last two weeks Ella Grace has, on her own, started calling Evan ("Edan" as she says it), "Ev." Anytime he walks into a room she is in, she exclaims, "Hey, Ev!" I guess she has been hearing Derek and me calling Evan "Ev," as we do a lot. Then, Megan and I were talking (well writing) with each other about our nicknames that our families had given us. When I was in second grade, I started signing all of my work with my initials...LAH. My teacher thought it was funny and told my mom about it. Well, it just kind of stuck, and even now my family and my friends often call me "LAH."

Since EG has decided to now call her brother Ev. I started thinking about what other names she could pick up on. We have lots of nicknames for both Evan and Ella Grace. They include:

Evan aka...
Beauty Boy
Monkey Man
Tyrone (from Derek...I have no idea)
Tex (also from Derek...still no idea)
Wild Child

Ella Grace aka...
Presh (short for precious)
Miss Grace
Little Girls (said in baby talk...Gurls)

Ella's list is a little shorter, but I'm sure as she grows and makes her personality known, there will be many more that follow! I often call Derek, Der Bear, or BF (for boyfriend). Hee hee! Isn't it funny how you come up with pet names for the ones you love? They can be so silly but mean so much! What are your favorite nicknames for your loved ones?


Megan L Hutchings said...

Hey there LAH!

We often call Vance...Monkey, Bubba, Little Man, Sweet Boy, and Red Tornado (my mom...she is funny!)

Most of Web's friends call him Web but I like to call him Webster =)!

I also use "love" a lot for just about anyone.

Meag said...

I love nicknames and pet names... they make conversations a little more sweet, a little more intimate, and a little more fun!

A lot of times we call Megan Hutchings either Moo or MH because it's confusing when we hang out with her being Megan and me beaing Meagan (pronounced like Reagan with an M). Everyone pretty much calls me Meagan or Meag. We call Lauren La sometimes for short... that one started way back in high school And for all my students at school, they are used to being called, Baby, Love, sweet-darlings, and precious-children!

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

That is funny.. As you know my only nickname is Morgan. :) But Ethan has several.. for and most often used if "Eenie" which started with my nephew Jacob when they were little. Scarlett has started calling him "E", and "Bubba" is always used. Scarlett has several "Miss Thang" "Diva" "Sis" and my personal favorite, she decided that she wants to be called "Sensei" after watching Karate Kid! I think understand a whole lot more than I give her credit for! ha!

Angela said...

Love all the nicknames...I think they are very sweet! Hayden's nicknames are Hade, Pardner and Brother. Parker's nicknames are Park, P. Reed, P, Brother. It is fun to have nicknames...I was always just Angela or Angie (not much of a nickname).

Meredith said...

AWWW cute nicknames! I remember you mentioned you call Derek "DerBear" sometimes! Russell calls me Mer Bear, I call him Russell Bear, I also call him Rustle because my mama says that as a joke to kinda stuck! Singingmer is another one for me, Mer, there are more! How funny is that?

The Garners said...

So fun to read! Lane and I call each other "Punkin" more than we use our real names. We call Rhett "Buddy" a lot, and I also say "Mister Blister" sometimes. We call Alexee "Lexi Pooh" a lot. :)

Lauren said...

Hilarious! Meagan is Meag...Megan is Moo or MH...I am La...I call Dawson D-Man, munchkin, munchkin-bean, D-to-the-Son (ghetto!), and Mini-Man.

I LOVE what your husband calls Evan! Classic!

Sarah said...

I love it. I wanted a nickname so badly as a kid (and one that had nothing to do with red hair!). Not much you can get out of "Sarah."

Because of the way Jon spells his name, I call "Joe Nathan" a lot. Then I laugh like I am enormously clever or something. :)

Rachel said...

Don't forget Leighanderthal
Love, Roachel

Candy said...

What cute names ya'll have come up with! I love it!! My Ella calls Ethan-E,E or E. She has said Ethan a few times, but I guess she prefers "her" name for him. He gets SO excited when she actually calls him by his name though. :)

Laurie said...

I love all the nicknames! That is fun. Gymboree has some really cute things right now. Yes, I have ALL of Emily's old clothes. Although Emily was born in Dec so not everything will work.