Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am...

I love being tagged! Meagan (one of my newest blog friends whom I have come to adore) tagged me to tell a little about what "I am..."

I am... a blessed mom to two great kids and a wife to a wonderful man.

I think... things through way too much sometimes!

I know... children grow up way too fast, so enjoy every minute.

I wish... there was a cure for autism.

I dislike... inconsiderate drivers, rudeness, dieting and being cold.

I miss... my Papaws.

I fear... illness in those I love.

I feel... extremely blessed and happy.

I hear... silence. The children are all tucked away in their beds.

I crave... hugs and kisses from my children and my husband.

I wonder... what my children will be like when they grow up.

I love... Jesus, my family, my friends, chocolate, swimming pools, photography, pizza, and the beach.

I ache... for three families I know that lost their loved ones in a helicopter crash in Iraq.

I care... about the environment.

I always... tell Derek, Evan and Ella Grace I love them every day.

I am not... a big risk taker or thrill seeker.

I sing... "Row Row Row Your Boat" with Ella Grace every single day.

I cry... a lot, especially if it is anything related to Evan.

I don't always... wear my seatbelt (bad, Leigh Ann).

I write... thank you notes.

I win... just by receiving unconditional love from my family.

I lose... my patience with inconsiderate people sometimes.

I never... eat seafood.

I listen... only to KLOVE on the radio.

I am scared of... Derek being called back for another tour in Iraq.

I need... to get more organized.

I hope... that one day soon there is a cure for autism and cancer.

I tag.... all my blog friends that would like to share more about themselves.


The Garners said...

I enjoyed reading this! I'd like to copy and do it on my blog...maybe tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy!

Happy Mother's Day!

Meag said...

Yay! I was just logging on this morning to tell you to "Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!" and got a little something extra because you had your "I" post up! :-) Loved learning more about you! I hope you have a Mother's day that is as special as you are!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I really love the "I" post! I enjoyed getting to learn more about my one and favorite Leigh Ann!

Kelly said...

Love this!!!!

Michele said...

how fun!

His Doorkeeper said...

You are......a interesting and very sweet person! I can tell by your answers!

Lauren said...

I loved reading this and finding out more about you. You are a kindred spirit.