Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lunch and a Playdate

Today I had lunch with one of my dearest friends, Holly. I met Holly back in 1995 when we both started working for a telecommunications company. I instantly knew we would be friends. Holly is beautiful, smart, funny, and has the singing voice of an angel. She is also a friend that prays, and that is the very best kind!

Derek snapped this picture of Ella Grace and me before we left for our date.

Holly has a beautiful daughter, Heidi, and we had planned for Ella Grace and I to come to their house today for lunch and a play date. Well, Derek was off of work today and I told Holly I would probably come alone. I could tell in her voice this might be a disappointment to Heidi, and she told me about Heidi's calendar that had a picture of Ella Grace and me (that Holly had gotten from my blog) and that Heidi had been marking the days until we came. How cute is that? So, needless-to-say I told her EG WOULD be there.

This is Heidi posing with her calendar. If you look close, you can see EG and me on Wednesday. I think I am going to steal this idea! What a great way to show small children what will happen each day of the week! When I asked her when she was going to do something, Heidi would refer to her calendar. It was so cute!

Holly's husband is a builder and has built them several beautiful homes. I hadn't yet visited this house yet. It was absolutely amazing. I don't think I have ever been in a 5,000+ square foot house before. I almost needed a map to find the bathroom! It was really amazing! Holly made us all a yummy lunch and after that we watched the girls play and just caught up since it had been a while since our last meeting. It never matters how long it has been since I have seen Holly. We just pick up right where we left off. I just love her to pieces.

Ella can sometimes be a little shy when she is around people she doesn't know well, but it took her no time to warm up to Heidi. EG loved watching Heidi and loved her toys. Poor Heidi barely got a chance to get in her car. Ella was in it practically the entire time. She loved it.

The girls eating their lunch. Notice Ella watching Heidi's every move. EG loves "big kids!"

Holly is an extremely talented vocalist. At one point, she sang with the Arkansas Symphony. I have been to her recitals, and she blows me away when I hear her sing in Italian. She is wonderful with operatic pieces! I'm serious. She has the voice of an angel! Here, she is playing for us (in between little girl interruptions) a song she taught herself on the piano and singing along. I told her she should have been on American Idol (except now we were passed the age limit). Ha!

Thanks, Holly, for a wonderful afternoon with you and your precious Heidi. I treasure your friendship! Love you.


Candy said...

How fun!! I love playdates. The calendar idea is GREAT!! I might steal that idea too. The girls look so sweet playing together!

Lauren said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing that. I really admire people who can sing, too...I wish I could! You're lucky to have such a great friend.

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

That looks like FUN! :) I will definitely be stealing that calendar idea. That will be a big help with Scarlett. Glad you got guys had a great visit.

Megan L Hutchings said...

What a GREAT day! I love the idea of using a calendar to show our kids when things are going to happen!

The Garners said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! Small world--would you believe that I know Holly!? We played Bunko together for a while when we lived in the same neighborhood! Please tell her I said hello...I ran into her a while back (I've lost track of time?) in the Crown Shop. She's so sweet and fun...and I remember her being a great cook!

Meag said...

Seriously, that picture of you and EG is ADORABLE!! What a fun day - and the calendar idea - super cool for kiddos! Have a wonderful day Beautiful!!!!

His Doorkeeper said...

Aren't you blessed to have such a sweet and talented friend! Her little girl is cute and the picture of you and Ella is darling!!