Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I am so thankful for the brave men and women that have fought for the freedoms we enjoy (and often take for granted) today. Memorial Day is time to be off work and go to cook-outs, but Memorial Day has a different meaning for me these days. While Derek was in Iraq, three of his friends were killed when their helicopter what shot down near Baghdad. These three brave men left behind families that I know miss them so much, especially today. My heart breaks when I think of the void they must feel daily. They were all outstanding men! I am so thankful for what these men and their families have sacrificed so that my children can live in a free nation. I am also reminded of all of those that have sustained injuries while fighting for our country. I will never forget!

Maj Michael Taylor, 1st Sgt Tom Warren, Sgt 1st Class Gary Brown

Derek knew all of these men very, very well and thought the world of each of them. I have had the privilege to get to know Gary's (third picture) sister through e-mail. I thought I would share how she ends each of her e-mails. I get tears in my eyes every time I read it.

"Proud big sister of SFC John Gary Brown,
Killed In Action,January 20,2007 - East of Baghdad,Iraq
He served his God and his country well.
He desired to be a blessing to others; he was."

Please remember these families in prayer today. They have given the ultimate sacrifice.


Betsy said...

Leigh Ann-
First of all, thank you so much for leaving Caleb a comment today. I know that will mean so much to him. You know better than anyone how it feels to be separated from those you love on this day.

Thank you to your husband for his bravery and sacrifice, too! I hope you give him lots of hugs today.

Have a great day!

Meag said...

Leigh Ann, what a wonderful reminder of the true meaning for this day. I am so grateful to all of the men and women who have, do, and will serve this country so that we can enjoy what we to often take for granted!

A special thanks to your husband for his service and for you and all the other familys who sacrifice here at home so that their loved ones can protect us all!

Megan L Hutchings said...

What a GREAT reminder of what Memorial Day is ALL about!!!!

Please give your husband a great big hug and THANK YOU from me!

Kelly said...

Leigh Ann:
Yesterday I thought about Derek. I am so proud to know someone who served in Iraq. And I'm proud to know a wife too! I am SOOOOOO thankful for all the men who have served and are serving now. We said a couple of special prayers for our military over the weekend. My grandpas both served in the military during wars so I have always been especially thankful for soldiers.
I'm so sorry about Derek's friends who died. But I hope their families know how thankful we are for each of them.

Angela said...

Wow! Thanks for the reminder. You are right, it is easy to get wrapped up in the cook-outs and forget what we are celebrating. Thanks for sharing!

Lindsey said...

What a fabulous post! Thank you for this reminder:) Blessings to those families and to your family!

Lauren said...

Tears!!! Thanks for sharing this. I will pray for their families.

The Garners said...

This is a wonderful post...thank you for the reminder. Thank you to your husband for serving our country. I'm praying for these families that you mentioned. What a sacrifice.