Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tiny Hot Pink Cast

On December the 12th, when Ella Grace was just 13 months old, I was horrified to learn that she had a broken leg. How could this happen? Well, I had bought Evan and Ella a new video. They were both very, very excited! Evan was jumping around like a monkey and Ella Grace, always wanting to be in the thick of things with her brother, got too close to him. Evan wasn't paying attention and accidentally jumped on her left leg. The sad thing is there was no initial swelling or bruising, so we didn't even know it was broken until the next day. I knew that night that she was very uncomfortable, but I just thought maybe she had an ear infection or a throat infection. I took her to the doctor the next day and he checked her out and said she looked fine. I did mention the incident from the day before and that she whimpered a bit when I moved her, but he didn't seem concerned and never checked her extremities. He said she was probably "just past tired." Well, by that evening when Derek got home, I told him she still didn't want to crawl around and asked him to see if he could get her moving around. Oh, and in the midst of all this, I have a 101 degree fever and am very sick. He came back into our bedroom and showed me how swollen her leg had gotten. I was really sick then...sick with worry. I called the pediatrician's office and told them there was definitely something wrong with her leg and they informed me it was too late to get her in and they had no room to work her in. They went ahead and called a referral in to the radiology clinic. Thank goodness my friend from church works in that clinic. She got us right in and was able to tell me in the kindest way, "Leigh Ann, if I tell you something, are you going to freak out? She has a fracture." Actually, she has two fractures. She sent us back up to the doctor, and he felt pretty bad that he missed it. The next day we were off to the orthopedic doctor for a cast. We picked hot pink. She might as well be fashionable! It comes off in January, and it is not slowing her down at all. She is even trying to walk in it!

Ella Grace and her very tiny hot pink cast!

"Baby" has an owie, too!


Sarah said...

But she is ROCKING that pink cast! :)

I had no idea you were sick at the same time! Always happens that way, doesn't it?!

Anita R said...

Such is life...when my kids were little (a long time before you & I worked together), the same thing happened...Ashley & Tiffany were playing and Ashley broke Tiffany's arm! Not on purpose, but it happened just the same!

Kelly said...

Bless her heart - she looks real cute in that pink cast!