Friday, December 28, 2007

Sunny Days...Sweepin' the Clouds Away

We found ourselves on Sesame Street this afternoon. Evan and Ella Grace are both BIG Sesame Street fans. As part of their Christmas, Derek got us all seats at Sesame Street Live. We went to the show this afternoon at Robinson Auditorium in Little Rock. We all had a great time. Derek and I had the best time watching Ella and Evan dance around and clap after each number. They were mesmerized. It was a really fun afternoon. Here are a few snapshots.


Kelly said...

Oh - so fun! I love sesame street - I would probably STILL love it!
You and Ella look so cute in your pink! :-)

Kelly said...

Leigh Ann:

Check out have lots of blog backgrounds. Pick one you like and follow the instructions. It's pretty easy.
I couldn't even tell you how I got my header ..... I'm still trying to learn. I have changed my look a dozen times but I've stuck with what I have for a while.
I'm not sure about the pictures. I'll investigate that for you.