Monday, December 24, 2007

New Bloggers!

My dear friend, Kelly, has inspired me to become a blogger! Kelly was my suitemate at OBU and I love her so much. She is probably one of the most sincerely sweet people I know, not to mention one of the funniest! We had so much fun at OBU. I think about our time there fondly and all the laughs we had. She is a riot! I don't get to see her very much anymore...only when she stops through Little Rock from time-to-time and we catch lunch with Kandi (Kelly's roommate at OBU and my other dear friend). I was so happy to get Kelly's Christmas card this year and find she had written a note letting me know I could keep up with her and Scott (Kelly's husband) through her blog. I had the best time reading it! It is so Kelly! I then told Derek I was thinking about doing a blog, secretly wondering if he would laugh at me. Derek, being the technical guy he is, thought it was a great idea and that it would be a lot of fun for us. He said he would even be interested in doing some posts himself. At first, I thought we are kind of boring and I have no idea what I will write about other than our daily life. Then I thought about my children growing up so fast. I think this will be a great way for me to capture our life as it happens. So, I guess I am doing this mainly for me, so I won't forget the funny things, the sweet things, the interesting things, the crazy things, and the wonderful things that happen when you are a blessed mom of two beautiful children. In the meantime, if friends read it and enjoy it, that's just icing on the cake! Thanks, Kelly, for inspiring me to do this and for being my friend. Hugs!

This is Kelly and me doing the "Cabbage Patch" dance in my dorm room. I can't remember for sure what we were celebrating. There is no telling!

I am only posting these pictures because I think Kelly will get a kick out of them. Kandi is first on the left and Kelly is last on the right. Notice mine and Kelly's matching gingham shorts (not planned of course) and my lovely '90's hairdo. Man, I had a lot of hair!

We REALLY need to get together soon to get some new pictures!


His Doorkeeper said...

My mom, Scott and I just looked at your blog and we were laughing so hard!
I am SO glad you are going to start a blog. I love when my friends have one because it helps me keep up with them. And I think it's the best way when you have kids to record all the things they do and say. So much better than scrapbooking - because it's a daily journal! I will link you on my blog. Your kids are so beautiful - I had shown my mom your Christmas picture and she just went on and on about how pretty they are!
I'm trying to get Kandi to blog. Maybe this will encourage her!
P.S. Thanks for all the sweet things you said. You know you have always been one of my favorite people! I loved living with you in college!!!

Kelly said...

That comment was from me - I was on my mom's computer and I guess I was signed on under her! :-)

Jessica said...

Blogger friend of Kellys! Those pictures are hysterical! Keep em' coming! Ha! : )

Sarah said...

Small, small world! I love the picture of you and Kelly! You should have seen my hair back in the day...spiral perm on top of what it is now...Bon Jovi had nothing on me.

And I looooooove the picture of your beautiful babies! Thank you so much for giving me a copy. They are GORGEOUS children! And just as sweet as they are beautiful, of course!

Elizabeth Smith said...

Hi Leigh Ann,
I am Kelly's friend, and I also went to OBU through my sophomore year. (I was there a few years after y'all.) I found you through Kelly's blog and recently started my own blog via inspiration from Kelly as well. :-) She's a great friend and I just wanted to give you a shout out. You have a beautiful family. Keep up the blogging. I'll be reading and Merry Christmas!