Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol Fav

American Idol was pretty good tonight. I'm rooting for Kris Allen. He is a worship leader at our church. I hope he makes it to the top 12! He really did a fantastic job tonight (he sang "Man in the Mirror").

Who are you hoping makes it through to the next round?

Speaking of making it through, I am participating in the Arkansas Women Can Run Clinic. I have participated before and it really is a blast. I'm not a runner, but a wannabe! :) During this eight week clinic, volunteers that are experienced runners turn people like me into runners. At the end, we celebrate with a three mile event in a nearby town. It really is fun! Last time, I participated, I was really proud that I could actually run three miles (I really don't like to run, so this was a big deal for me)! I hope I make it through this time (the last one was one baby and several years ago...ha!).

On another note, Ella Grace is saying some of the cutest things lately. Last night when I was laying down with her (yes, she is spoiled and I lay down with her until she falls asleep...I did this with Evan for a looong time, too), I told her, "Ella, tomorrow we are going to have a fun day," and she said, so matter of fact, "The best ever." Now, where does she get that? Just shows me they are taking in everything and I need to watch what I say! :) And besides, I think at this point, her worst day has been wonderful! :) Every day is a party for her and she is just waiting to see who is going to join in! I wish I looked at every day with that expectation!


The Garners said...

Oh wow--I didn't realize Kris Allen was at your church, how neat! I really liked him tonight--Lane called in and voted for him several times! I hope he does well.

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

That's so great for Kris Allen. I got an e-mail from one of my best friends and and my OBu roomie, today about Kris. She also goes to your church. I know there are tons of people who do go there~but small world.
I love what Ella said...Adorable!
That's awesome about the runner's clinic. Good Luck!

Katy S said...

Leigh Ann I had no idea you went to NLC. Don't you just love it!! I'm guessing you go to the new campus. When they had the grand opening we went to all the services. Rick did such an amazing job. Ella seems like just a little sweetie! How precious

Angela said...

Wow...I haven't been watching AI but I may have to start since your Worship Leader is on there. That is so cool!

Okay, that Run Clinic is AWESOME! I need to come do that with you. That sounds like a good way to learn to run. You are going to have so much fun and think of how fit you will be :). Have fun!

His Doorkeeper said...

I thought Kris Allen was the nicest-looking guy on AI!
He just looks all-American and I do like him and the guy named Danny.

EG is just so cute and don't you wonder what their little minds are thinking when they said just funny things?

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVED Kris Allen last night!!! That is so cool he's a worship leader at your church!!

Jacquie said...

Last week was my first real attempt at "getting into" AI this season. I watched last night and thought Kris was the best male performer. But, the judges didn't really say too nice of things about him!!

I did vote for him. Hope he makes it tonight.

Good for you on the running clinic. I HATE cardio, but do it because I know I need to. Jodi and I used to run some 5Ks, but I got tired of it - since I hate running and all!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Go LeighAnn Go!!! I am so pumped for you and I know you will complete your goal :)!

I love how they say the cutest things! Last night we were watching AI. Vance was up dancing and he said "Shake my tooshie!" How Cute!!!

Faith said...

How cool! I liked Kris and I hope he get's through too!

So proud of you and the running...I wish I could do that =)

That little EG is the cutest!!

Meagan said...

How cool that you actually KNOW soneone on American idol! Too fun!!!

EG is so sweet... you need to post another video of her talking! :-)

I'm so proud (and a little jealous) of the running thing! I'm a wannabe runner too... I just need some motivation!!

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