Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Busy Week

Whew! What a week this has been. I've been out of blogging for about a week!

It started off a great week. Evan was happy to be back at school, and EG and I had a line p of fun things planned for the week. Monday, Anna Elise came to play for a while. Anna Elise's mom, Kim, and I have been friends a looooong time (since 7th grade). That was only 10 years ago...hee hee...really like about 23 years ago! EG and AE had the best time together. EG thought Anna Elise was IT! She was so observant of everything AE was doing. It was SO fun to watch our girls play together.

I love this picture of them in the princess shoes! Notice EG won't even look at the camera because that would mean she would have to take her eyes off of Anna Elise.

They had lots of fun with the dollhouse and Curious George.

From Monday to Tuesday, I'm not sure what happened, but Ella Grace was under the weather for the next several days. She had a fever virus. I really don't understand the "fever virus." That is really the only symptom and it's a fever that just comes back after Motrin or Tylenol wears off. Anyway, it made her feel pretty crummy. She was definitely not her sassy self. All she said for about four days was, "Hold you," so I just held her.

EG was back to her self on Friday, so that morning Derek's mom and dad asked if she could come over for the day. She was SO excited. She loves to go and play with Nana and Papaw. Derek dressed her and fixed her hair.

The outfit is fine, but the hair...OMG! I hope I am always around to fix her hair!

Derek and I got to run some errands, eat lunch together, and pick up Evan. It was a nice afternoon. Then, my mom asked if the kids could spend the night. I knew EG would want to go, but I didn't think Evan would. He always wants to stay home with us. He is a homebody, and comes by it naturally since Derek and I are the same way. To my surprise, they BOTH wanted to go. Derek and I were so happy to have a date night (that we weren't expecting)! We went to Copeland's and it was YUM! We got cheesecake to go. Sooooo good!

We kept the one-year-olds at church last night. They were so good. No one cried or pooped their diaper (ha!)!

Now, I'm working on gettting clothes together for a resale event. I do this every Spring and Fall. It's a lot of work, but so worth it to buy new clothes for them since they outgrow most of them from season to season. The hardest part for me is parting with things they were SO sweet in. I keep the most sentimental pieces but make myself part with the rest! It's HARD! :(

I've just started and realizing I've got a long way to go.
EG is having a ball playing dress up though! :)


julie & joe said...

Which re-sale event are you doing? Reah Lana is coming to our area in the next few weeks. I am not putting children's things in but I did get a booth for our Longaberger and Uppercase Living business to advertise.
We have a city wide garage sale the first week in April and kids clothes really sell there so I am ready for that! And I am sorting out things to give to a friend who is adopting a boy from Ethopia, she thought she would be getting 2 girls so she is really in need of boy stuff.
We give some of our favorites to our little cousin so we can see them again :)

His Doorkeeper said...

Wasn't it fun to see your old friend's child with yours?

Love that Derek fixed her sweet but probably needs some more practice! har

So glad you two got a date night! That benefits everyone!

Laura said...

I got all of Alise's clothes in one place for our upcoming resale event, too! I hate tagging everything, but the extra money sure comes in handy!

Jacquie said...

Jodi and I have been BFF's since 8th grade... and that was only 10 years ago, too!! How funny! She has only one child, but she had her 4 weeks before Kale was born, so we got to raise them together.

Derek's EG hairstyle is SOOOO funny!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Are you doing Duck, Duck Goose?

And oh my goodness, that is a LOT of pink in that room (first two pics)...I LOVE it.

I'm nervous because I'm going away for a weekend in March, and my girls are singing in church that weekend. I'm sure the hair will be an issue for the girls. I just can't think about it! ;)

You are a SAINT to keep the one-year-olds at church. I try to avoid that job.

Angela said...

I'm glad for an update. I was just noticing you hadn't updated in a while. How great for a date night!!! We love those (and Copelands, too)!

Have a good week!

Candy said...

Sounds like we have been doing alot of the same things-playing with a friend from 7th grade's child, tagging stuff for a consignment sale and working in the nursery (15 month class and I did have to change a very explosive poopy diaper!). I'm glad EG is feeling better! I hope ya'll have a great week! :) :) :)

Betsy said...

I have missed you, Leigh Ann!! I know how busy weeks are...I've had one too!

I'm glad EG is feeling better. I remember those fever viruses!

Mommys are definitely put here on this earth to make sure little girls' hair looks cute. Dads just don't have the knack for it! haha

We used to have a Copelands here, but it went out of business. I was sad because I LOVED that place! I think I remember loving their stuffed mushrooms! :)

Have a great week!

Kayla said...

Those girlies are TOOOO cute in their little dress up shoes!!! I LOVED to do that kind of stuff when I was little! I was NEVER into the Barbie thing, though.

Haha...I love that Derek did her hair! Too funny!

Glad yall had fun on your date night! I just LOVE those :)

Becky said...

So funny that EG won't take her eyes off Anna Elise.

I LOVE that Derek fixed EG's hair. I remember Alvin doing that with Cortney and Casey and would scare me to death! LOL

Glad you and Derek were able to have a date....that is soooo important in a marriage.

Have a wonderful week. Maybe it will slow down a tad.

Anonymous said...

Glad Ella Grace is feeling better! That is so sweet that Daddy fixed her hair :-) Love those date nights, they are few and far between for us though,lol!!

Kristen said...

Hi! Found your blog through Kelly's Korner and I am sitting here laughing so hard over the hair! Our Lauren is only a year but I know I'll be taking a picture like that soon enough from her daddy trying his best. Too cute!

I have been sorting through all the kids clothes this week too and part of me wants to give them to people I know so I can seen them worn again but then the $$ to buy for the next season is always so nice. I'm not sure why I get so sentimental over the outfits?! Boys clothes, easy to get rid of. Lauren's? Not at ALL!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I have missed you so much friend but I know you are EXTREMELY busy!!!

I am glad that EG had fun playing with AE and that she is back to her sassy self ;)! Can I just say I LOVE EG's hair. It is so sweet that Derek tries...LOL!

Good luck getting everything ready for the re-sale event. That is such a GREAT idea! MWAH!

Katie said...

I just went to a children's boutique warehouse sale this past weekend, and I'm going to a similar event with boutique consignment stuff this next weekend. I wish I lived closed to you to buy up some of those sweet clothes that EG always looks so darling in! Just thinking about going through that pile you showed us is making my head swim...hehe!

Oh, and her hairdo is fabulous! hehe! I just love when Daddies attempt hairdos.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your little one is feeling better. I swear daddy's do wonky jobs sometimes so we don't ask them to do it again. I think it's cute that he dressed her did her hair. :)

Meagan said...

Sounds like a busy but good week! I hate that EG was sick!!!! I love that your kids love to go to your parents house AND that you and D take time to go out together when you get the chance! So sweet!!

Hillary said...

LOVE her hair! I mean seriously, she couldn't get any cuter! Especially with that wild hair.

Jenna said...

Love this post!!! It was great to catch up with the goings-on of the Horton's! :-) And that EG, I tell you what...cuteness for miles!!

Hope you are having a great Monday, Leigh Ann!!

Kayce said...

The hair thing is sooo funny! Bless his heart. HAHAH!

Heather said...

I love the pics of the two sweet girls! The fever virus is such a think they are better and then that pesky fever comes back again!
Good luck getting ready for the sale! Everyone I know does that...but I am still "holding out"...don't know why....just sentimental about the sweet clothes!

Heather said...

OH- And tell Derek I said "What in the world" on EG's hair!!! ha! Just Kidding....I am just impressed that he attempted!

"Dove" said...

Oh how fun! I wish so much that I could come shop from your chair! :)

Lauren said...

Seeing EG and her adorable room and tea parties makes me want to have girl. She is just magical!