Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ella Grace's Birthday Party

We had such a fun time Saturday celebrating EG's 2nd birthday. We had a lot of family come over and Ella invited her friend, Sarah.

I kept with the "dog" theme and served hot dogs. I also made chili for Frito pies and cheese dip. I also made Terri's "Puppy Chow," which was a big hit! Thanks, Terri!

EG eating lunch with her brother and her cousins. She adores being with "big kids."

I loved her birthday cake. I have always ordered my children's birthday cakes from the same bakery, and I have NEVER been disappointed. This one was just as delicious and there was hardly any left! If you look close enough, you can tell where Evan leaned on it in the car. I tried to fix it the best I could. It wasn't very noticeable. Before it happened, I had the thought of "Wow. That sure would be bad if he got on the cake," and in the next moment there he was leaning on the box. Have you ever done this...had a thought of wouldn't that be terrible if and then it happen? Ugh!

After lunch we made the mistake of letting the kids go outside. The weather was perfect, so none of them wanted to come inside for cake and presents. After a little kicking and fussing, we got them inside. Ella wasted no time blowing out her candles. I actually had to light them twice so we could sing "Happy Birthday" before she blew them out. She is so funny!

EG with her new necklace from Nana and Papaw. It is SO sweet.

Ella Grace got so many nice birthday presents! She got new babies, a baby bassinet, a vacuum cleaner, a gold heart necklace, stuffed puppy dogs, and money. She got everything she loves and it will be great fun to take her shopping later for some things she needs. Oh, and my besties from TN also sent her the cutest card and a shopping spree to Build a Bear. We are planning on doing this next week! Thank you Lauren, Megan, and Meagan!

Evan having a big time with his cousins in the backyard.

Papaw taking Sarah and EG for a wagon ride.

My sister brought her dog, Chip, and Ella was SO excited. She is still asking for him today. (My camera was on a weird setting. I promise by rug and walls in my living room aren't pink. Ha!)

EG and "Granny" (my mom).

Saying bye to Chip was so hard.

We had the best time visiting with family and friends. My favorite memory of the day that I will always remember wasn't the food or the presents or the decorations. It was when we gathered in the living room for Derek to say the blessing before we ate. Everyone, without prompting, made a circle and held hands as Derek said a prayer of thanksgiving for this precious child the Lord has entrusted to us. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. It was amazing.

What a great party, but I felt a little like this bouncy house by the end of it. By the way, that is the best money we have ever spent. If you have small children, I highly recommend spending the $90. Evan has spent hours on this thing. Plus, we have loaned it out to many friends for their birthday parties. The kids LOVE it. I think it may be on its' last leg, but it has lasted three years.

Well, I took a three hour (YIKES) nap with EG, and I feel all rejuvenated now. I'm excited to see what this next year has in store for us as we raise these two precious children of ours.


Faith said...

I LOVE the first pic of the two of you...just beautiful!! I'm so glad that y'all had such a great time celebrating your special girl. I loved reading about it and seeing all the pictures. Your family is precious!! Love, Faith

Jacquie said...

I'm glad your party turned out so well! Your family is just so sweet and beautiful. I love your favorite memory of the day!!!

Laura said...

I am so glad that EG had such a great birthday party!! She looked so cute in her doggie dress and I loved the cake! I couldn't even tell where it got messed up! Great party, Mom!!

Kelly said...

What a sweet party for a sweet girl!! Her little dress is precious!!! I think everything turned out perfect! I bet you can't believe she is TWO!!!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

What a beautiful party! I love the cake!! Happy birthday EG!!!!

The Garners said...

The party looks like it was absolutely perfect! I love the part about the prayer--it gave me chill bumps! Children are such a blessing! Happy B-day!

The Garners said...

P.S. A three hour nap--I'm so jealous!! :) You deserve it--I bet you've been exhausted preparing for this big day!

Anonymous said...

Leigh Ann,
What a wonderful day! Happy birthday to EG! I love all the sweet pictures! Where did you get Ella Grace's Birthday plate? I have been looking for something like that for the boys! And I love your favorite memory of the blessing, it sounds beautiful! Have a great week!

Angela said...

Looks like a great day! She looks so cute in her outfit and the cake is great. I love how they put Happy Birthday EG around the side.

Happy Birthday EG!

Amanda said...

What a fun bday party! I love the puppy theme!
I do live in Ga (about 10 mins south of TN right outside of Chattanooga), but I grew up in Ooltewah with our good friends, Lauren and Megan.

His Doorkeeper said...

Ella Grace's party was just about perfect, wasn't it? The cake, her little outfit with the dog on it, the hot dogs, puppy chow, etc. Leigh Ann, you are a hostess with the mostess!

But the sweetest part was Derek's prayer. Brought tears to my eyes because I realize more every passing day that we need the Lord's blessing more than anything else in life!

You are a delightful family! All four of you!

Meagan said...

Happy Birthday EG!!!!!

What a fun weekend and a great party! Love the Puppy theme and everything was SO cute... she looked ADORABLE in that dress!!!!

Just so you know, I was CRACKING UP at the pink walls/rug in your picture, lol!

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

Happy Birthday EG! I am glad you had such a great party. :) Nothing beats making your kiddos happy! You deserved a 3 hour nap. Love the cake and all the decorations.

Heather said...

What a precious little girl and a precious family! So glad to get all the b-day pics!!! I LOVE the puppy theme!!! Everything looked awesome!

Jill said...

She represented Kelly's Kids well! We need to send in a picture of her with her cake to the company!

Megan L Hutchings said...

What a perfect party for the best little girl ;)! I love that she adores puppies...that is so sweet ;)!

I can't wait to see what she builds on her trip to BAB ;)!

Megan said...

Looks like a fabulous birthday party. EG and Evan are so blessed to have yall as parents. Like the picture of Mr. Jim!