Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor of Love Day

What a terrific weekend. I started it out with dinner on Friday night with my "besties" (as my friend, Tina's, daughter calls it). We had a delicious dinner at PF Chang's and just an overall great time.

Saturday I spent most of the day organizing, ironing, and pricing clothes for an upcoming resale event. I do this twice a year. I sell things that Evan and Ella Grace have outgrown and use that money to buy them new clothes for the upcoming season. They also take furniture, so I will be selling the crib (whaaaa!) and the chest that matches. I'm kind of sad, but I am so excited about Ella Grace's new room that it's ok. It is a lot of work gathering everything and pricing it all, but in the end very worth it. Not only do I make a few dollars to support my Gymboree habit (ha!), but I also clean out closets, which is the best feeling!

Clothes ironed, tagged and ready.

You know how it is. Children won't be interested in something for months, but when you get it out to get rid of it, they are all of the sudden wanting to play with it or wear it. Ella Grace, being the fashionista she is, loved this hat and mitten set of Evan's. However, she prefered the mittens on her feet. LOL! Oh, and I do realize her outfit doesn't match. Her Daddy dressed her. :)

Sunday Evan spent a lot of time outside while Derek cleaned out the flower beds. I stayed inside working on my sale project and Ella Grace took a long nap. That evening we took the kids to the Jump Zone and they had THE best time. It's amazing what happens in just a couple of months. EG was sliding all by herself! It was amazing (not to mention I held my breath a couple of times). After all the jumping, we went to eat at the Purple Cow and had a really nice dinner.

Evan is a pro!

Ella Grace wanting to be like her brother and go by herself.

All by herself!

After dinner, baths and kids in their beds, Derek and I tackled Ella Grace's room. We cleaned it all out and got busy painting her room pink! By 3:00 a.m. we are all done and covered in paint. LOL! I am in love with the color (I just adore pink anyway). Derek also got Ella Grace's new bed put together and it is super cute. Now, I am just waiting on the bedding to come in and my childhood chest to be painted and the room will be complete.

Today, we aren't doing much. We are just playing and spending family time and trying to recover from staying up until 3:00 a.m. We're too old for all that! Ha! E & EG are still in their pajamas and it is noon! :) Now, that's my kind of day. I hope you and yours are having a fantastic Labor Day!


Kelly said...

That pink is PERFECT!!! I can't wait to see the whole room put together!
Jump Zone and purple cow sounds like a perfect night!!!
Great idea to sell the old clothes to get new ones! I will have to get on board with that program!
I've been trying to pick out a baby crib today and I'm having the hardest time deciding! UGH!

Jacquie said...

I don't know... I'm thinking EG pulled that outfit together with the hat and "mittens"!!

I love the pink with the white furniture - looks so cute.

Heather said...

We LOVE the jump zone! We just got one here! I love the paint color and can't wait to see the new room! We will be doing a new one for Connor soon, too, and I am going to have to get your advice!
Happy Labor Day!

Rachel said...

I just did a clothing sale and made $400. Maybe that will encourage you.
I love the pink. Emma wants her room to be pink.
We had pajama day too, but we didn't stay up until 3am, just nothing to do.

Angela said...

I love that pink. Her room is going to be so cute. Isn't that fun to redo the kids rooms?

You did good getting all of the clothes ready. We have a sale just like that coming up and I've been getting stuff ready, too. We are FINALLY selling our baby bed, carrier/stroller and another car seat. I am soooo ready to get rid of it. Isn't that funny? I was soooo happy to get it and now want it gone!

I'm not what Purple Cow'll have to elaborate! With the name Purple Cow, it sounds like fun!

Melissa said...

I do the resale thing twice a year as well. It is a pain ironing and tagging it all but worth it in the end. Our family on our last trip to your town went to the jump zone and the purple cow as well. It was lots of fun. My daughter loved that the name of the cow was purple, her favorite color. Like the color pink you chose for her room, it will be very nice when it all come together.

ShortOne said...

we love Purple Cow too!

love the room so far, can't wait to see it finished.

we had a lazy day today too, S never got out of her PJ's, but T did so he could go outside to play w/his buddies.

we had a very good Labor Day Weekend.

His Doorkeeper said...

Sounds like you got alot done this week-end. I love EG's new room color and bed!

So what are you doing for her bedspread?

Can't wait to see the room all done!

Becky said...

Sounds like you guys have been buzy! OMG! I can't believe you two stayed up until 3 a.m. painting. The color is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished product!

EG's outfit is hilarious! Now that chick has style, I mean matching hat and shoes. You are in some serious trouble.

I love Evan & EG's costumes for halloween. They are going to be so adorable.

I'll be in LIT tomorrow to see my sweet babies!!! YEA!!!

The Garners said...

What a great weekend! JumpZone and Purple Cow--every child's dream day! Love the color of EG's walls--I can't believe y'all stayed up to 3 a.m. though--I can't do that anymore (never really could!) Glad you had a fun weekend.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Wow...I haven't thought about The Purple Cow in years. I need to remember to take my kids there next time we're in LR!

Love the pink...please post some pics of the finished room!

So, would the big sale be Duck, Duck Goose? I've heard such great things about it! Hope you sell all your stuff.

Megan L Hutchings said...

What an absolutely glorious weekend ;)! I am so glad that you had an enjoyable dinner with friends, qt with the kiddos, and got so much done ;)! I can't wait to see the finished product of EG's room!!!!

p.s. Love the mitten socks!

Julie said...

I love that pink!! It is just a perfect color. Not too light, not too dark! The headboard looks fabulous. I cannot wait to see the finished product!!

Lauren said...

Can I please, please, please have EG overnighted to my house so I can play with her?????

LOVE the pics of y'all on the slide. Too cute!

I love that shade of pink. I can't wait to see it all together and done!

Betsy said...

Can you believe how fast kids outgrow clothes?? It seems like the new is barely worn off of them before they have outgrown them!

EG looks so funny with all that stuff on!!

I love pink, too!! It's definitely my favorite color. And I'm like you...if I start on a painting project, I'm driven to get it done!!

I can't wait to see the whole room!

Faith said...

Love, love, love the pink walls! Can't wait to see it all come together with the fabulous bedding!

P.S. I mailed your keychain today!

Meagan said...

WHat a wonderful weekend!!!!

I can't beleive that you two stayed up untl 3 AM working on EG's room!!!! It payed off though because it looks great - that is THE perfect color!!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE EG's Room color and Bed! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Ella Grace looked SO cute with the mittens on her feet :)

Candy said...

I LOVE the pink walls in EG's room!!! It is just the perfect color. Do you mind sharing what color it is? Ella's room was pink in our other house and I miss those pretty walls!

Lindsey said...

Wish you lived closer...I would so buy some of those cute outfits.

Love the room.

Scrapper Mom said...

I've been reading for awhile now, but would sometimes forget. I finally added you to my blog list so I can be a regular.

I loved the post about EG's cute little sayings. It reminded me so much of my own daughter when she was that age. Too bad I didn't blog then and could post about it. I did try to write some of it down.

You are in Arkansas right? Are you doing the DDG sale? I have done that before, but the past few years I haven't been able to get motivated. If we can get past this rain, we are having a rummage sale this weekend to earn money for our mission trip.

Anyway, HELLO Leigh Ann.