Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just in Time for Halloween

Evan lost his first tooth! I didn't notice it until he was reading to me, and I saw it was G O N E! I looked in the gum he had been chewing but it wasn't there. So, I have no idea where his tooth is. I didn't notice it was gone this morning when he brushed his teeth, but we were rushed and I didn't pay real close attention. Maybe he lost it during lunch at school. Whenever he lost it must have been during the night last night or early this morning because his mouth was not bleeding at all. I'm so excited for him that he lost his first tooth, but so sad I didn't get to see it. Oh well, I'm sure we are just starting and there will be plenty more to follow. I told him I didn't think the Tooth Fairy had a rule about the tooth actually being present. She'll stop by anyway!

I started this post yesterday. After dinner, we started looking for the tooth. I didn't think we would find it though because I had just vacuumed the entire house. Evan always likes to crawl into our bed in the mornings, so that's were we started looking first. We carefully unmade the bed, and WE FOUND IT! It was on the very edge of my mattress. Yeah!

There it is!

I asked Derek to take Evan's picture to commemorate this big event, and this is what I got. Um, ok?! Couldn't they at least given me a smile or something?! Both of them were more concerned with wrestling with each other. Boys!

On another note, I have decided Ella Grace's 2nd birthday party theme will be kitty cats and puppy dogs because that is what she loves more than anything right now. If we see a dog or cat anywhere, she immediately exclaims, "Mama, dog! Awwww!" and makes a little pouty face. Last week we were at a red light and the lady beside us had her window down and her dog was hanging out of it. Ella Grace was just talking to it saying, "Hi, dog!" When the light turned green and the dog drove away, it was bad times. She was crying so hard calling, "Dooog." It was pitiful.

Derek mentioned getting her a dog for her birthday (we are not cat people), but I told him I really couldn't take care of one more thing right now, so she will have to settle for all kinds of decorations with pictures of cats and dogs. She will love it. I had already ordered this dress for her because I knew she would love it since it has the puppy on it. I just got it in the mail yesterday and it will be perfect for her to wear at her party. I showed it to her last night and she cried because she wanted to put it on right them. She spent the next ten minutes looking for it! I wanted to get it monogrammed, but Kelly's Kids has a cap of the number of letters and "Ella Grace" is over the limit, so Faith is going to make a hair bow for her with her monogram and some paw prints. It will be precious.

October is so busy. We are having dinner at our house Friday night to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. Then, there are three additional family birthdays through the rest of the month. We'll be busy!


Meredith said...

Yay for Evan on losing his 1st tooth! I know he was excited about the tooth fairy. Ella Grace's dress is soo cute! AWW

ShortOne said...

1st tooth fairy visit - fun!!!! just in case you ever need this idea (in the event you actually lose a tooth & can't find it) - the tooth fairy accepted notes in place of the tooth at our house. S. lost a tooth once & wanted to show it to her grandma, but still wanted the tooth fairy to come so we decided that if we left a nice note explaining why she was keeping the tooth the tooth fairy might still leave her something, and guess what the tooth fairy did leave her something & she got to show her grandma the tooth - everyone was happy. It worked for T once too, he lost a tooth & we didn't know it til later - never did find it, left a note though & it worked. And now, sadly both of mine are too big for the tooth fairy :-(

Cute dress! sounds like a fun party.

Megan L Hutchings said...

I am so proud and happy for Evan that he lost his first tooth :)! He is growing up so fast LAH...tell him to slow down! I can't believe you actually found it considering all the vac. you just did...WOW!

EG is too much ;)! I love that little dress and I can't wait to see pictures from her birthday!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in! I LOVE EG's dress, it's SO cute & will be perfect for her party! We are totally dog people too, but like you can't take care of one more thing right now. So sad because the boys LOVE dogs!

Anonymous said...

And congrats to Evan for losing his first tooth! So exciting & a big milestone!! Glad you were able to find it!!

Heather said...

That dress is to die for~!! I love puppy dogs, too!
Can't wait to see the b-day girl in her outfit!

His Doorkeeper said...

Congrats to Evan on losing his tooth! That is always a BIG DEAL!!

What's the tooth fairy givng these days...any inflation??

The puppy dress is just darling! Ella Grace will look like a doll in it! We don't care much for cats, either...we're DOG people!

Faith said...

Yay for Evan! How exciting! EG is going to look adorable in that dress! I can't wait to get to work on her hairbow...thanks for asking me to do it!

Meagan said...


First - I miss you... I wish I could wiggle my nose and have you back here or me there!!!!

EG's dress is ADORABLE!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the party! On a side note - I am NOT a kitty person either - ick!

I'm so glad you found Evan's tooth! How sweet - I bet he's excited about the tooth fairy!!!

Candy said...

I'm glad you found Evan's tooth!!! How exciting! :) Ethan STILL hasn't lost any teeth yet!
I LOVE EG's bday dress! She is going to be SO cute in it! It is so funny to read the stories you write about her, because usually I have gone through the SAME thing with Ella. Ella threw a BIG fit in the Wal-mart parking lot when she saw a dog in a car because she couldn't pet it. These funny girls are just alike! :)

Kelly said...

She can come visit Dawson anytime she wants!!!! :-)
That puppy dress is PRECIOUS!!!!!!

Becky said...

I'm so glad you found Evans' tooth. Reid has lost two! Ella Graces' dress is sooo adorable. Can't wait to see the bow Faith is going to make for you.

Scrapper Mom said...

I remember the 1st tooth deal. Little Ann actually "swallowed" it while eating a burger in the van. ha. I couldn't believe it!!

Oh, and you need to visit my mom's etsy shop. You can get there through my blog. If you don't see anything there, you need to email her. She can make anything and does monogramming and appliques all the time. Let me know if you want her email.

The Garners said...

So exciting about the tooth--I'm really glad you found it...that's a special occasion!

EG's party will be so cute--I can't wait to see the party pictures!!! That dress from KK is precious--I considered ordering it for A. She'll look adorable!!!

Soldier in Training said...

Congrats to Evan on the milestone! I'm so glad you found it! The dress is so precious--she'll look like a doll!

Jacquie said...

I'm so glad you found the tooth! The picture is so cute... even though E's not smiling.

I would've cried to wear the dress too, it's adorable!

Jill said...

You could be my best advertiser ever! I can't wait to see Miss Priss in her dog dress. I told you it was cute! Wait until you see the Spring/Summer line! It is fantastic too!

Glad you found Evans tooth, although teeth freak me out! Tim always has to do anything tooth related around here. I was never able to do any of my own teeth either.

Kim said...

what a cute dress! I can't wait to start dressing Em in those. I probably could now since she is sitting up. Until now, that style is just to "bunchy" if that makes since!