Thursday, August 21, 2008

22 Months

It's hard to believe my Ella Grace is months from turning two years old, but for today, she is just 22 months and I'm holding on to every day.

EG is definitely the perfect mixture of sugar and spice. She is the sweetest little girl, but can throw in the sass in an instant! Ha! Here are few more things about my favorite girl:

  • She uses sentences (up to five words) like, "I want apple juice please," or "I sorry Edan (Evan)."
  • She asks questions like, "What's wrong Mama," (I'm kind of beginning to wonder why she is asking me this a lot...ha!) or "Where'd baby go?"
  • As soon as Derek leaves in the morning, she announces, "Daddy workin'."
  • She adores babies (real or baby dolls) and animals (real or stuffed).
  • She loves green beans but will only eat them right out of the can or cold. I know!!!
  • She is girly, girly loving make-up, purses, telephones, and clothes.
  • She can put her shoes on herself, although they are almost always on the wrong feet. I don't change them though because she is so proud of herself.
  • She stalls when it is bedtime by asking to be rocked. I am never able to turn her down.
  • She always wants to "show Evan" when she thinks she looks pretty or silly.
  • She adores Evan and loves to chase him around the house.
  • She is obsessed with owies and will point them out on herself or others.
  • She is such a little momma (mostly to Evan, bless his heart).
  • She loves to sing. Her favorites are "ABC's," "Barney's I Love You," "Wheels on the Bus, "Where is Thumbkin," and all the songs we sing while at Gymboree. Hearing her singing them is P R E C I O U S.
  • She has used the potty once already! Yeah!
There is so much more to this precious child that I can't possibly put it all on this blog. I just want her to know she is so special to Daddy, Evan and me.

This is Evan's rocking chair, and she loves to get in it and rock herself or "Baby."

Here she is hanging with her peeps, "Buddit" and "Baby." You can see she got her first skinned knee last week. This was traumatic. She kept saying it was "broken."

"Pee pie" is still one of her favorite games. Here she is playing it with "Baby."

Happy 22 Months, Ella Grace! You make life fun! I you so much!


Megan L Hutchings said...

Your friends in TN love EG too!!! She is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to meet her ;)! I totally agree with you...I hold on to each moment with all of my being!

Kelly said...

She is precious - she is at the sweetest age!!!!
I love those pictures of her and cute, cute dress!

Givens-Craig Family said...

She is absolutely precious. I sure miss those days of singing the Barney songs with my little guy. He would not even admit to having liked Barney at this stage in his life. :-) Your photos of your little girl are incredible too.

Angela said...

Sweet, sweet! Oh, wow, green beans out of the can. She would be eating them every night if she belonged to me :) easy!

I love the first do so good with "seeing" a picture. That probably doesn't make any sense but anyway...good job :)!

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

Has it been that long since EG arrived for GNO? We should have known she was going to be a total girly girl! She wanted to get in on the action so bad she arrived early! :) I love those pictures. She is just too precious. Oh how it makes me hurt.. I think I am going through one of my rough times right now! I am my mom TOTALLY! ha! Love the pictures and I love to read about sweet little EG! Can I borrow her???

Laura said...

I see someone's been shopping at Gymboree!!

I remember Alise doing all these things! It seems like yesterday. Especially putting the shoes on the wrong feet! Ugh! You're a much better mom than I was. I would make her change them because I was scared her feet would grow the wrong way. How stinkin' crazy is that?!

EG, you are beautiful! Mom, it's time to start planning the big party!!

ShortOne said...

seriously??!!!???!! 2 yrs so soon!!??? wow, that is just crazy!

I absolutely love the first picture - it is just beautiful and so much more than words!

i never changed the shoes around on my kids either - they were too proud of themselves!

Jacquie said...

I love that you don't switch her shoes when she gets them on the wrong feet!!

Her dress is adorable. She is even more adorable!!

Candy said...

Oh, Leigh Ann! EG is getting so big!!! Just since I have started reading your blog, I can tell how much she has grown. She is just beautiful and SO much like Ella!!! I just know that would be best friends! :) Are you planning a big 2nd bday party?

His Doorkeeper said...

She is a bright beautiful and precious little girl! How sweet that you write some of the things she does so you will remember just what she was like a nearly two years. (Believe me, write it will forget!!)

Love that she loves her big brother so much! How sweet!

You and Derek are so blessed!

Audrey said...

This is such a sweet post! You posted such wonderful pictures too! Isn't it sad when your baby is not so much a baby anymore?!? Just wanted to let you know I tagged you from my blog, if you've been tagged already I apologize :)

Meagan said...

I swear that girl steals my heart and I haven't even met her yet! She is so beautiful, and I think so much like you... beautiful, girly, sassy, fun! The perfect combination!!!

The Garners said...

I was thinking today what a fun age it is right now with Alexee (18 mo.)--she's definitely challenging at the same time, but I love seeing her learn new things right now!

EG is so sweet! I'm really amazed at all the things she says and sings and the sentences she's putting together--that seems very advanced! I hope to get to y'all again and let the girls play. I'm excited about cooler weather--we'll have to do our park playdate soon!

Lauren said...

I just want to grab her up and kiss all over her. And then go play dress-up.

She is beautiful! I love that she says "Daddy workin'."

Less than one month to go!!!!!!!!

Abby said...

Oh the Barney song...when Maddy was little she would run to hug and kiss me every time it came on! Time is going by so fast...EG is as sweet and adorable as her mom!

petrii said...

Your site is so cute and this was so sweet!! You little one is adorable. And sooooooooo cute!!!

Lauryn said...

So glad to see you all are doing great!! I've been out of the blog world for a while!! Nice to catch up. BEAUTIFUL babies - both of them :) Take care

Heather said...

Leigh Ann- This is so precious and I just love that little cutie pie! Time just goes so fast!!!!