Monday, February 1, 2010

Cleaning Mood

Man, I am in a cleaning mood! I am SO ready for Spring. I think that is behind my efforts. I am ready to get things cleaned O U T!

I started with a certain little princess' room last week. Her closet was a wreck! I guess that's what happens when you are trying to find your perfect pair of sparkly shoes. Can't believe I'm showing it, but here it is. Oh my!

It literally took me hours on a Saturday to straighten it. Derek was sweet to keep the kidlets entertained while I organized. It seems like a lot of my children's toys have a lot of pieces to them. As I straightened, I organized and bagged up all the pieces and put them with the appropriate toy. It was a job! I'm trying to stay on top of it, so it's not so bad to clean in the future. It's hard though. She is a busy girl. =)

Now, we have organized chaos. =)

Ella Grace actually does try to help, but her idea of picking up her toys is to take them to the doorway of her room or to the corner of the living room. She's getting better though. She cleaned up our "picnic" without even being asked this weekend. =) It hasn't happened since, but it HAS happened, so I have hope. =)

She's trying. =)

One thing I know for certain about this girl of mine is that she is going to be an excellent mother! She takes such good care of her babies. After I drop her off at school, I usually always find them around the house covered and tucked in their beds with a friend or two.

"Hannah" in the ever important "bunny rabbit blanket"

"Abby" (EG's very first baby and probably her favorite) with "Hydrant" taking a nap

So sweet!

I am so stinkin' ready for SPRING. I am excited about Spring clothes, sunshine, warmer days, and longer days. Every time we go out in the backyard, I just get more excited that this will be the first complete season we will be able to enjoy the swimming pool. All this ice around it just seems WRONG! Ha!

I am also really looking into getting plantation shutters for the house. We have some sun that sets right into our living room that really makes it hot in there in the summer. We have to do something about it because I don't want all that sun to fade my furniture or my floors. Plus, I really like the way they look. I love the idea of opening them partially or fully. I also think they will block the sun way better than the blinds I have now. Several of my friends have them in their homes, and they are so pretty. Does it make me old, that I am starting to get excited about new vacuum cleaners and shutters??? Ha! Seriously though, any advise any of you have, let me hear it.

Tomorrow is Evan's 100th day of school. I can't believe the school year is halfway over. What a blessing this year has been. Evan has some amazing teachers that we have been privileged to have work with Evan for 100 days! I'll try to get a picture of him in his 100 Days t-shirt tomorrow. =)


Momofgirls said...

Oh man, if you find shutters at a reasonable price...PLEASE share the info with me!!

I love love love them...I think you should go for it!!

oh, and I LOVE vacuum marks!

Heather said...

Love the shutters! I am ready for Spring, too, for all the reasons you said! Come on, Sunshine!

Kandi West said...

can't wait to see the shutters! and so share your closet pain...we actually banned small piece toys from christmas this year and have been slowly getting rid of them as we can...we started moving the leftover pieces of stuff to the bath tub for the girls to play with is just TOO MUCH and they seem to do better picking up the bigger things. Soon all they will want to pick up though is their phone so I'm trying to be patient. :-)

Angela said...

I am SO ready for spring too! I like being outside b/c the kids can't mess up the inside of the house as much! Your pool is beautiful! And I totally would get excited about plantation shutters- they are beautiful!!!

Jacquie said...

There's NOTHING like a freshly organized closet!!

And I'm with you on the spring fever. The only time I can even handle the cold is BEFORE Christmas because it just seems to go with the holidays, but I'm pretty over it these days.

I can't believe this school year is over half-way over. Your kiddos will be sliding down the slide into that swimming pool before you know it.

Candy said...

This was a fun update! :)I so feel your pain with the toys! Why does everything have to come with a million pieces? ha! I'm ready for spring too!!! Your right, ice around a pool is just not right!

Deidre said...

Looking at my girls closets makes me cry most of the time. I just cleaned them out a month ago and dared them to mess them up. I'm losing, you know.

If I had a big, inviting pool waiting on me in my backyard, I would be praying for summer too :)

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

I just love organized chaos! That is what I have learned to go for in our closets and toys bins. I used to take pictures so they knew which bin everything belonged in.. didn't work. I stressed trying to keep everything in its spot.. now if it is picked up.. I am happy! Love the shutters they will look great! YES, YES, YES bring on summer! I am ready to swim!!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

She is definitely going to be the best lil mama around...just like you :)!

You are not old! Does it make me weird that I look forward to Spring Cleaning...shh!

oliviasmommy07 said...

I so need to do that to Olivia's entire room!! It is a mess! I haven't had the motivation just yet though!! Maybe seeing EG's good looking closet will do it! I am ready for spring too~I am NOT a winter person at all!!

Kelley said...

I can't wait for spring either. I know another little girl whose closet looked like that. I had to clean it too. I couldn't stand it anymore.