Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow (well, it's white)

My little snow bunny

I want to be happy about the snow that is coming down. Well, it's really a snow, sleet, rain mix, but it is white anyway. Derek is stuck at the Dallas airport. He is trying to get home but his flight has been canceled. The Little Rock airport has been closed for most of the day and the weather is only getting worse. I don't expect him to make it home until tomorrow. =( We are ready for him to be home. He has been out of town all week, and it's been a long week. It's not as fun being snowed in without him here.

I just love this little coat. I found it at Dillard's this week on sale big time. Love me a bargain.

The kidlets and I have been prepared to be snowed in. I made chili for the kidlets, taco soup for me, and brownies for all of us yesterday. We have had fun staying in our lounge wear, playing and munching. Ella Grace and I did get out for a little while to play in the snow (I think it was mainly sleet) this afternoon. We didn't stay long because she has a cold. She had a ball though! Evan decided not to join us, so we brought snow inside to him. =) He liked touching it.

Trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue


Extremely proud of herself here

Getting brother in on the action

Now this was cheap entertainment. This kept her busy for a while (until it melted).

Hopefully my other half will be home tomorrow. I wanna like the snow, but I would have been happy had it held off until after Derek made it home. The weather also messed up my plans of meeting Laura tomorrow. She is a blogger friend (and another Horton but we are not related) that was going to be in my area. =( I was really looking forward to meeting her. Maybe we will get to do it again sometime.

I hope you are staying warm!


Kelley said...

It is snowing a lot here. Before that it was freezing rain. Ella Grace looks so cute. I love her new coat.

Angela said...

I am so impressed that your kids will eat chili! Hope Derek makes it home soon! Miss seeing you!

Kelley said...

I am disappointed that I didn't get to meet you either. Snow is okay, but I don't like the ice at all. I hope your husband makes it home soon.

His Doorkeeper said...

Little kids + snow = many happy childhood memories!

Laura said...

I'm sitting here thinking that I should be on my way to Arkansas right now!! I am so sad that we didn't get to meet, but I'm glad that you guys are enjoying the snow! Have a great weekend!

Betsy said...

Awww...I'm sorry Derek can't get home. Daddys are always so much fun to have around in the snow! Steve has been looking out the window all morning at the kids out sledding and he's been wishing he had a kid to play with. haha I hope Derek can get home soon!!

EG's jacket is so cute. I love pink! :)

Julie said...

I am sorry you were shut in without your man. But you are so creative! I loved the pictures of Ella Grace! It looks like she was having a ball!

Meagan said...

So glad you got some white stuff too! I hate that D had travel troubles!! :-( I LOVE EG's coat - too cute!!!!