Sunday, July 19, 2009


What a great weekend this has been. First of all, Derek FINALLY got home. He had been in Pennsylvania for four weeks for work. We missed him so much. At times, Ella Grace would walk around the house whining, "I've lost my Daddy." It was so sad! We were all very glad to see him, especially this exhausted Mommy!

We hit the ground running when he got home. He had his 20 year high school reunion and we went to the gathering on Saturday night. It was so fun. I even got to see one of my fellow blogging buddies, Amy, whom I haven't seen in probably 14 years. Another neat thing about the evening was we realized Evan's new prinicipal was one of Derek's classmates. It is such a small world!

This was Derek and me before we left. When I chose my dress, I didn't think about my tan lines showing. UGH! It was too late to change it by the time I realized. Sigh!

At the reunion, they recognized all of the classmates that had served in the military. That made me so proud!

One thing Derek has been VERY excited about since being home has been sing the swimming pool (that he has only been able to swim in twice this entire summer) and also using his Father's Day gift...his basketball court. He was out there tonight shooting some baskets (with a little helper in a princess dress and water shoes), and I couldn't resist these pictures.

I think my heart may actually explode.

When I went outside, Ella Grace wanted to show me her new "tricks". One was on the trampoline and the other was that she could dribble the basketball. Derek said it was reminding him of the movie "Father of the Bride." My heart just melted right there. That is probably one of my top two favorite movies of all time. I just LOVE it and have to watch it anytime I catch it on TV even though we have the DVD!

What an action shot!

It IS like the movie. Remember that scene where Steve Martin is remembering shooting baskets with his daughter before he walks her down the isle. Whaaaa!

I sure am glad she has now found her Daddy. =)

This summer we have spent a lot of time carting Evan to all of his activities. I wanted to do something special with Ella Grace. She has been such a trooper going with us EVERYWHERE and rarely complaining. So, Saturday morning, we went with some friends to see the movie "Ice Age." Here she is with her friend, Samuel. Derek wasn't so sure about her holding hands with a boy. Ha!

My next post is all about Evan. Tomorrow is his last day of A-Camp. I can't wait to share some wonderful picture of him having a ball at camp!

Hope you all have had a great weekend!


Laura said...

Leigh Ann, you look GREAT!! Tan lines and all! Ha! You deserve an evening out with your man! And I was in tears over the whole daddy/daughter BB thing! SO "FOTB"!! But I have to ask: Do you guys have any grass left in your backyard?!? Ha!

Kelly said...

SO glad Derek is home! Ya'll look GREAT going to the reunion!!!
OH.....that is so sweet about EG and Derek and "Father of the Bride" (I think I saw that movie with you at OBU?). That makes me want to cry!
Your back yard looks amazing. I want to live there!

Kelley said...

You guys looks so wonderful! I am glad he made it home and that Ella Grace found him. The pictures of those two are precious.

Betsy said...

Ok, first of look soooo pretty in that picture of you and Derek. You definitely need to frame that one. It is just beautiful of both of you!

I LOVE Father of the Bride, too! It is really hitting home right about now with Ashley getting ready to get married. Sniff sniff.

I am so glad that Derek is finally home. I know it must have seemed like he was gone forever. It looks like you are having a very happy reunion with everyone back together again.

And, Ella Grace is too precious. I know you could just about eat her up!

Jacquie said...

You look beautiful - even with your tan lines showing! I'm so glad your family is home again together. That EG is adorable and her with her daddy just melts my heart!

I haven't ever seen "Father of the Bride" but this post makes me want to watch it now.

Have a fun week!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I am so glad Derek is finally home and you can catch up on some!!!

The pics of EG and Derek just melt my heart! I absolutely LOVE "Father of the Bride". You will have to include this pic at her wedding...MANY YEARS FROM NOW!!!

We love and miss you here in TN!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great pictures...

I love making new friends and finding new blogs.

I enjoyed my visit to yours.

Meagan said...

Hey! I LOVE the basketball dribble shot! TOOOOOO cute!

His Doorkeeper said...

That picture of EG and Derek on the basketball court is priceless! She will love that one day!

You look so beautiful in that blue dress! Glad Derek is home!!

In His Army said...

Great picture of you & Derek! You guys look awesome. I love a girl that likes to play basketball even when she's dress up!

Jenna said...

Such precious pictures! The one of the two of ya'll is SO GOOD. You look just gorgeous in your blue. And that pic of Ella Grace and Derek's hands - oh my my and the sweetness!!

Claire said...

I *love* Father of the Bride. Always makes me cry!


Lauren said...

I hope they keep that up so that it will be just like the movie!!

Your tan is beautiful!