Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gotta Love Disney

It has been one busy week!

I am still training for my 5K. It has been a lot of fun (and a lot of hard work), but I still have a ways to go to be ready for the actual race (it's really a graduation day, not a race). We are running about two miles now, and two more weeks we should be able to run three (or that's what they say...ha). Before we go run, the clinic leader usually has a speaker come talk to us about fitness or athletic clothing or nutrition, etc. One speaker we had is a personal trainer and was going to be holding a five week fitness boot camp and was giving those of us participating in the running clinic a 50% discount. Well, I couldn't pass up that offer, so I have also been working out with him Monday thru Thursday and on Saturday. This has only been the first week and I have been really sore, but I am enjoying it. He is even teaching us about nutrition and taking us on a grocery store field trip this afternoon. I am on a mission to get ready for summer. I want to say I am just trying to get healthy, but I would be telling a story if I didn't admit my main goal is to be able to wear a tank top and not frighten away anyone while I'm in a bathing suit. Plus, I have my super fun cruise coming up with my girlfriends in July and that is A LOT of motivation. Y'all, I'm on a MISSION! :)

In addition to our normal weekly routine of school, therapy, play dates, and Gymboree, we also took Ella Grace on Friday to Disney on Ice. She talked about it all week and was so excited. When we got there, she didn't know what to think at first, but then was so excited to see all her favorites.

Waiting for the show to begin.

Waving to Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

The Little of EG's recent favorites. She loves the movie.

Watching her expressions was the funnest part for Derek and me.

I looked down at one point, and saw Derek and Ella holding hands. How sweet!

Ella Grace's FAVORITES, and of course she always talks about Minnie's dress and shoes.

Watching intently. Sweet little hands.

All the kids went nuts when Tinker Bell came out. She is Ella's first love, too.

I can't wait to take them to Disney World one day. Derek and I went on our honeymoon, so it has an extra special place in our hearts. It would be really neat to take the kiddos back there with us.

Friday night I met up with my girlfriends for a little girls' night out. So fun!

Abby, Michelle and Toni

Abby and Michelle

Me and Kim

The Abby's and the Michelle's are my partners in crime for the cruise. :)

The backyard is progressing (slowly). The weather has really been hard on our schedule with all the rain we have been getting, and it looks like more rain next week. Sooo, I guess it will look like this for a little longer.

Oh, and if you guessed a swimming pool or basketball court, you were both right. We have talked about getting a pool for the longest time. Since we are THE biggest homebodies ever, we decided to go ahead with it. Evan is beside himself. He loves to go outside and checkout the hole. Ha! This pool will be so fun for our entire family, but he was the main family member in mind when we decided to build it. It will be so good for him! While they are pouring the concrete for the pool, the big kid in our family is having a little square poured for himself and a hoop. :)

The hole for our "cement pond." Ha!

Have a GREAT week!


Angela said...

Okay, first...that is awesome that you are already running 2 miles! I bet you are looking great with running that much.

A pool? will SO enjoy that! How much longer before it will be done?

Kelly said...

So exciting about the pool!!!!
And I love how excited EG was at disney on ice! So sweet!

Faith said...

Girl, I am so impressed with your running and exercising. Way to go!!

Love the sweet pics of EG. I can tell she had so much fun at Disney on Ice =)

Yippee for a pool! I know that y'all will have a blast this summer with that!

Candy said...

I admire anyone that can run!!! That is awesome! Our Disney On Ice was different than yours. Ella loved it, but oh how she would have LOVED seeing Ariel and Tinkerbell. The only princesses we saw were Cinderella and Snow White and that was a very BRIEF time, but all she can talk about! I'm glad EG had so much fun! It is fun to just watch their expressions! A pool is very exciting news!!! Ya'll will have the best time this summer!

Betsy said...

Ooooo...a pool??? I am so jealous! I have always wanted a pool in my backyard!! You are going to LOVE it so much.

I am so impressed that you are running a 5K! Wow...that is going to get you in awesome shape for the summer!

Ella Grace is so cute watching Disney on Ice. We took Ashley to that when she was little and she loved it!

Kelley said...

I loved reading your post. We took MK to Disney on Ice on Saturday. She had the best time. The look on her face when Minnie Mouse came out was priceless. She loved Tinkerbell too.

I am so happy about your pool! It will really be fun. We don't have one, but I would like one.

We would love to take MK to Disney World too. We honeymooned there too.

Hope you have a great week!

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Congrats! on the 2 miles. That's awesome. How great will you
look on your cruise! I am also in a fitness bootcamp. It is tons of fun and also hard. :)

Love the photos of the Disney on Ice. So Sweet!

Jacquie said...

I'm so proud of you working so hard on this MISSION of yours!! Good for you - TWO miles is awesome!!

I love the pictures... esp the one of Derek and EG's hands. Sweet.

I was so excited when I saw the cement pond hole. All I could think about was how happy Evan was going to be after seeing those pictures from your spring vacation. What a great idea!!

Jodee Leader said...

I love the Disney on Ice pictures. We went not too long ago and it was a great time!

Hope you have a great week!

Kayla said...

I am VERY IMPRESSED on your 5k training! That's amazing! I want to join a training group around here! There's nothing better than being around a bunch of people with the same goals!

EG is SOOO cute!! I bet she was in Disney Heaven!!!

And that that is exciting!!!

Meagan said...

You just let me know when that bad boy is done and I'll be down to hang with you and the fam at the pool. lol. :-)

That pic of EG and D holding hands? OMG, precious!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I have so much to comment on I don't know where to start :)!

*I am so proud of you for all the training you are doing. You are going to look fabulous for the cruise.

*EG is so stinking precious! I would love it if Vance could have a play date with her sometime. How much fun!!!

*SO EXCITED ABOUT THE POOL!!! Can the galz and I come for a swim?

Lauren said...

I seriously hope that you don't fall out when me, Meag and Moo show up on your doorstep, bathing suits on, sunglasses ready and frosty drinks in hand.


Evan and EG are going to be in heaven.

I loved the pictures of EG watching the ice skating. You know her little imagination was so excited!

Anonymous said...

Hi... just happen to cross your site... I see that you also love Disney... me too...

Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!