Friday, April 17, 2009


We have been out to eat the passed few Friday nights and it appears prom season is in full swing. We see all the cute little prom goers out all dressed up.

I LOVED prom! I got to go to three all together...Derek's Senior prom and both my Junior and Senior proms. Of course, my date all three times was Derek! I love looking back on those pictures. So fun! I'm not sure if I loved the anticipation of the prom and talking with friends about dresses and who was going with who or the actual prom itself. I think getting ready for it may have been just as fun.

From those three years, it seems the trend was shiny, sequined, and the bigger and puffier the sleeve the better! I thought it might be fun to add some pictures here of my proms and invite you to do the same. So, dig out those old pictures and let us all see the fashionista you were! I wanted to do some cool linky widget, but I couldn't figure it out, so be sure and leave a comment if you do your own stroll down prom memory lane!

Some of these pictures are not very focused at all. Remember the Kodak disc camera? Well, that is what made all these fine pictures. Ha!

This was Derek and my first prom. I was 16 and he had just turned 18. His mom and dad let him take me in their Cadillac! Ha! Goodness, we were just babies!

I loved this and silver. Somehow we found a bow tie that matched almost perfectly for Derek. You know that was a big deal back then...the cumber bun and tie were the same color as the girl's dress. Oh, and gotta love that frizzed up side ponytail. I remember my friend, Tina, and I must have teased that sucker for at least 30 minutes. Ha!

Here we are my Junior year. As you can see, my mother thought is was very important to get a picture of us leaving (again). There's the Caddy again, too. Ha!

It seemed this year emerald green was a really popular color. There were A LOT of girls in emerald green, but I loved this dress, too. Remember those skirts around the waists? I sure wish I had that waist again! It still amazes me that I put a spiral perm in this head of hair of mine. OH MY!

My favorite prom was definitely my Senior prom. I loved everything about it.

This picture cracks me up! You can tell by my expression that my mom was taking a picture from EVERY angle. I'm sure I'll be the same way when Ev and EG go to the prom. Everyone then was wearing long, straight, sequined gowns. My favorite part of this dress was the back with the beading hanging down. Now, when I look at it, it seems a bit much, especially with those GIGANTIC ruffled sleeves. But, at the time, I LOVED it! Oh, and EVERYBODY wore their hair in french twists! I remember this day so well. It had rained and rained. Our yard was COMPLETELY flooded. My dad had to go out to the car in his hunting waders and let Derek ride on his back piggyback style to get me. Then my dad carried him back to the car and had to come back in to carry me to the car. Muddy flood water and a white prom dress DO NOT mix. Thank goodness he didn't drop me! Ha!

This was my best friend, Tina, and me. I wanted to give you the full effect of those sleeves. They are bigger than Tina's head! She was sportin' those sleeves, too. Hee hee!

I would love to see your prom pics. Be sure and let me know if you play along!


Ang said...

love the pics!

Jenna said...

This post made my night. LOVED it!!

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

These photos are great! You looked beautiful, all three years. Thanks for sharing with us.

Meagan said...

This was a great idea! I love the sleeves - too funny now, but know they were all the rage then! :-)

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

That was so funny! Remember how much alike our dresses were our senior year! ha! I wish I could find all my pics.. I will have to look and see if I can do a stroll down memory lane from prom...

Loved the flashback! That brought back some great memories.

Traci said...

You look like a model, Leigh Ann! I loved seeing y'all go to your prom! Very sweet!

Angela said...

Those pictures are TOO funny! It is fun to go back and remember. Good times!

Jacquie said...

LOVED this post!! You are gorgeous!!! I love all the pictures, but I think my favorite is the one from your Junior year. I'm sure your hair was very "in" with the spiral perm!

You and Derek are just the cutest couple! How sweet that you are still smiling so sweetly in photos today!!

Kelley said...

This was a fun post to read. It reminded me of when I went to the prom. It is special that you married your prom date! You look beautiful. I need to try to find my pictures. I had some big sleeves and big hair to go along with it.

Heather said...

This is so fun! I, too, had HUGE puffy sleeves for my prom...and an iradescent blue/purple dress!!! I wish I could find a picture....I AM posting about prom this weekend, though...since I am working at ours tonight!

Faith said...

Oh, how cute are y'all?!?!?! I just love these pictures. Leigh Ann, you are just beautiful!!

Betsy said...

You were the Prom Queen??? I can believe it. You looked sooo pretty!! I love that white dress. Seriously!

Your story is so much like mine. Steve and I went to all our proms together. Ya'll are such a cute couple.

I loved all these pictures!

His Doorkeeper said...

Leigh Anne, This was such a great post! I love that you were prom queen! And that was definitely a "Miss America" type white dress!

I have to say I loved you in that green prom dress. So beautiful with your dark hair! And Derek looked so handsome too!

Loved EG's Easter dress!!

Kelly said...

Leigh Ann - I forgot to send you info on mr. linky.
Go to this web site
and see if it helps you.

You looked beautiful in all of these pics!!! You were a pretty prom queen!

Anonymous said...

You both look so young!! You must be around my age because I was sporting similar prom looks myself! What a fun post.