Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

I am so happy to see snow. I am even happier to have had the day off from school/work to play in it! We have had a great day!

We turned the boat into a snow tube. Evan giggled and giggled. They loved it!

My turn. SO FUN! Looks like I was on a huge hill but really just a tiny one in our backyard. Ha!

Sweet little man

We have been using this hot chocolate maker all the time. Derek got it for us for Christmas and we LOVE it!

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes...These are a few of my favorite things. Ahhhh, those eyes! Snow sticking in his long eyelashes!

Snow bunnies

She had to taste it. "It tastes like ice. It's good."

Precious face

My snow angel. I named her "Leigh Angel." Ha!

Sliding in to the snow.

Hope you all have enjoyed the snow!

I'm going to try to do a better job of preserving my family's memories this year. I do a good job taking lots of pictures but I never print them out and I'm not being a very consistent blogger. So, my question to all of you is, how do you preserve your memories in photographs? I have been a "traditional" scrapbooker in the past, but I've come to the sad realization that I just don't have the time to get it done. So, I'm trying to decide if I want to try digital scrapbooking or just get the pictures printed and actually in an album. I want something tangible we can pull out and look at. Soooo, I'd love some feedback. What do you do with your photographs? I'd love some ideas!


Betsy said...

Snow days are so much fun!! I love the pictures of you sledding. I am the same way. Snow just brings out the kid in me!! And where did you get that hot chocolate maker? I need one of those!

julie & joe said...

That hot cocoa maker looks awesome!
Glad you enjoyed the snow. We haev some and are getting more.

Tara G. said...

First, I'm behind because of new baby, selling a house, moving across the country, and moving overseas, and etc. BUT, I try to upload my photos and put them in a digital scrapbook at the end of each month so they're ready to order. I actually have bits and pieces done from the last couple of years- just a few tweaks and the books are ready to order, but it's the end of each year that I have nothing on! My kids do love to look at them and I love it that if the movers lose/wreck one, I can order the idenitcal one to replace it.

Cortney said...

I'm trying to do better too! Maybe we can inspire each other!!! I haven't printed off hard copies of pictures since October 2006. According to my iphoto account, I have taken 23,000 pictures since I got my first dig camera in 2003.

Meagan said...

Hey girl! We LOVED our snow days too! And I didn't take a single picture (YIKES!)

Typically, I have photos printed once a month and sit down on a Sunday afternoon. I pur them all in an album (the kind with 3 sleeves on each page and a place beside each picture to write. I write the dates, captions, and then if there is extra space I write other things like, "Your favorite show/book right now is...." and "You say the cutest things, like:" Or "We have been playing a lot of ___ lately, it's one of our favorites!" I too, realized I don't have time to scrap book, but this way we get all our memories down and don't have to cut pictures! We all three LOVE picking up our books and looking at them and reading the captions and little thougths in the margin! :-) Walgreens will also do a hard cover photo book and you can type captions. I used one as a gift for Christmas and it was BEAUTIFUL! I just find that it would cost too much to do those for us because I take SO MANY pictures! lol.

Missy Schranz said...

I was sent over from "Kelly's Korner" and I think your blog is sooo cute! Love the snow...although I live in sunny AZ, but I do remember it in Michigan as a child. Brrr.....
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