Sunday, January 30, 2011

All About Ella Grace

Ella Grace has started taking dance. She goes for an hour on once a week for ballet, tap and gymnastics. She LOVES it (and so do I). I think I am having as much fun as she is! I was completely giddy at her first lesson. She looks ADORABLE in her tutu! Two of her best friends are taking with her, and they are SO cute. This is a picture of Ella Grace and Kaitlyn at their very first lesson. They were SO excited!

She is still loving "school." Last week was my last week teaching there. I'll miss seeing her throughout the day. This is a picture of Ella Grace and one of her good friends, Elijah. They became fast friends the very first day of school. I love all these sweet little friendships she has made. I can't believe I just registered her for her last year there. She will be in the 4-year-old program and THEN Kindergarten. I can't even think about it!

Ella Grace got a bicycle for Christmas. We got to get it out for the very first time this weekend. The weather was SO nice! Here she and I are riding around the backyard. I, of course, am on Evan's bike. It is not easy to ride a bike that is too small. LOL. Thank goodness for those training wheels! My rear end is still sore today! Ha!

She is still extremely picky about her clothes. This is something that can be a battle each morning. She definitely knows what she likes, and it seems the flashier the better. Ha! It's to the point now that I have no idea how to shop for her! The teen years ought to be fun! She was so excited about the warmer weather. She picked out this sweet smocked dress to wear on errands Friday (and hot pink shades of course).

I am so thankful God blessed us with Ella Grace. She has brought her Daddy and I so much joy!

I thoroughly enjoy my children!


Anonymous said...

I can realte. My daughter takes dance too and loves it! It's so fun!

The Garners said...

She's SO cute! I was thinking about Alexee doing the 4 year old program next year and then kindergarten...I just can't believe that!

His Doorkeeper said...

Leigh Ann, She is just about the cutest little girl and oh, my, is she growing!!

I love that little green dress....just darling! And the pink sunglasses are just a perfect accessory ! har

Meagan said...

You know I love me some Ella Grace! She's such a girly girl! :-)

Missy Schranz said...

I am your newest follower! You have an excellent blog and a beautiful family. Please stop by mine when you have have a chance:

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...
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Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Hi! Very cute. I have not been keeping up with my blog, as I should. I have missed lots of posts here in Blogland. :)
Congrats on your 1/2 marathon! You look amazing! I have run some...but never more that a 5K. You inspire me.
And I love the Autism speaks post. Your photos moved me to tears. What a wonderful event.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower :) I took dance for 14 years and then went on to teach for 2 years, I love it! It really teaches them confidence!!