Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please Pray for Elizabeth

Please pray for Elizabeth Parsley. She is the sister of a dear friend and also volunteered at Evan's A-Camp. She was in a terrible car accident and the family and doctors are desperately wanting her to wake up on her own. Specific prayer needs are listed here.


Thank you!


The Garners said...

She and her family have been on my mind all day. She and my sister are good friends, and Micaela went to the hospital to visit her parents yesterday afternoon. I'm praying for her!

Jacquie said...

Praying right now... what a beautiful girl. Will you keep us posted??

Amanda said...

This is coming from the heart of a friend of John Parsley. I consider him a part of my family, so I am praying for his baby sis Liz! God, please keep your loving hands over this family in this time of need. They need you more now than ever! Please watch over John as he is away from his family, give him comfort and let him feel your love. In your precious name I pray!! AMEN. I hope the best for Liz, that she recovers quickly. Gods hands are on her!!


The Garners said...

My sister did a neat blog post about Elizabeth and the power of prayer if you have a chance to look ("Soldier In Training" link on my blog).

Prayer Requests said...

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We are praying for you.
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