Sunday, September 26, 2010


We are gearing up for the first ever Walk Now for Autism Speaks in Little Rock next weekend. Our family is completely overwhelmed by the support of family and friends that have walked with us through this entire journey. The support is so evident by the $1,900+ that has been raised for Autism Speaks in Evan's name ("Evan's Voice," our team name). There is still time to join our team or donate by going to:

We are immensely thankful and blessed by everyone's support!

With all that said, I wanted to share some pictures of Evan from A-Camp. What a wonderful experience for these kiddos (who just happen to have autism) to get a true camp experience. I'm so incredibly grateful.

Probably my favorite picture from camp. Evan and Ms. Ashley watching canoers. Evan really took up with her and she was so good with him.

Loving on his lead teacher, Ms. Carol. Precious, precious lady!

Making a yummy snack with Ms. Rachel (She is Evan's speech therapist and has worked wonders with Evan's overall communication. Just amazing.)

Dancing with Ms. Ashley

Craft time! They made the cutest crafts every day!

Hat is complete. This picture cracks me up!

Evan and one of the many volunteer counselors that made camp possible.

Catching a bug. It lived on my kitchen counter for a week. =)

As much as I wish Evan didn't have autism, I have made some of my best friends through our journey. They love my kid and they love me. They are some of the most self-LESS people you will ever meet. People that want to make a difference and child at a time (and one parent at a time).


Jacquie said...

I think the staff workers/volunteers are special people themselves. God has gifted them.

The Garners said...

Neat, neat, neat!! That looks like so much fun. And wow, E's growing up so fast! Sweet, handsome boy!!!