Sunday, June 7, 2009

"I Found Jesus!"

I miss my old blogging routine...writing about what we've been up to every other day and then getting to read all my favorite blogs. So much is happening...babies being born, rooms getting redecorated, kids graduating from Kindergarten AND high school. It's hard to keep up. I'm just missing y'all. Seriously!

Last Tuesday was Evan's last day of school. It was so bittersweet. I am thrilled how well he has done this year and all he has accomplished, but I am also sad to leave the sweet teachers, therapists and paraprofessionals that I know God placed in our paths. We will miss them. I stopped by a little early and brought them each a plant, note and little picture of Evan. I thought the little plants turned out so cute. The florist did them, so I can't take credit. I just love the little buckets! I made it out of there without crying. Now, that was a miracle (I did come a little close a couple of times though)!

We celebrated several days later with a trip to The Jump Zone. Fun was had by all.

My three kids.

My girl and me taking a break.

Thursday we got to go to the school Evan will attend next year, and I have a feeling (after meeting the teacher) that we will be equally blessed next year. Tomorrow starts his first day at A-Camp. I'm so excited about it. I just know Evan will have a blast!

Isn't this just the cutest little logo? I can't wait to take a picture of him tomorrow in his little camp uniform.

Saturday morning, I awoke, like most mornings, with Ella Grace's head in my back. She has gotten into a habit of sneaking into our bed at night. We have the best of intentions of moving her back to her bed, but lately it just hasn't happened. I guess Momma and Daddy are just tired! Well, Friday morning, the kiddos and I slept in. Derek was already gone for the morning when EG and I woke up. I had no more opened my eyes and she said, "Momma, I found Jesus!" I was so surprised at this statement by my two-year-old. I asked her, "What did you say?" She said again so proudly, "I found Jesus. Let me show you." Well, she had indeed found Jesus. Remember this? Well, he is found and has been getting lots of loving over the past several days.

Jesus has been found!

I love this picture. This evening I found her curled up reading to her baby, "Abby." She always wants to cover up with this tablecloth she drags out of the China chest. I guess she just thinks it is a comfy blanket. Wow! She looks so big here! Time please stop!


The Garners said...

Loved this post--so many neat things happening it sounds like!

EG does look so grown-up in that last picture--wow! I know what you mean...can't time just slow down a little bit!?

julie & joe said...

We have been having the same problem with a late night bed guest.

I love the story about finding Jesus. That is cute!

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

That litte bucket is adorable! Love that idea!
I love the story about Jesus~How cute is she?!

Laura said...

Hi, Leigh Ann! When I saw the title of your post on my blog roll, I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about! I remember the post when "Jesus was Lost." Do you know where she found Him? Goodness, she is getting SO big and her hair is getting SO long! Good luck this week, Evan, at A-Camp! Hugs!

Amanda said...

As soon as I saw you title I knew what it was about! I still laugh about that story! It was one of my favorite blog stories ever! Was just so precious!

Meagan said...

Okay, so I laughed out loud at the "I found Jesus" story! That's so funny!

I totally relate to the missing the blogging and friend's blogs and being busy and tired! I am right there with you sister! Hang in there! :-)

Faith said...

Your family is just precious! So glad that your summer is off to a good start!

His Doorkeeper said...

Leigh Ann, How do you stand the sweetest that pours out of that little girl of yours?? She is just a Mother's(and Dad's) dream!!

Julie said...

Wow!!! Your daughter is growing!!!! What an absolutely priceless story and I love they sneek in your bed.

Jacquie said...

This was a cute post. That EG is adorable. And I'm so excited to hear how Evan likes A-Camp!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I know what you mean...I miss the days of blogging anytime ;)!

It sounds and looks like you guys are already having a fabulous summer. I hope you take lots of pics b/c I love those kiddos.

Jenna said...

way to go ella grace!! it's never too early to find Jesus. :-)

leigh ann, your family is TOO CUTE!! i love reading about all the horton goings-on!!

Deidre said...

That is so sweet - reading to her baby.

Your kiddos are growing up and changing so much. I know it's hard to see how fast time goes, but so neat to watch them find their place.

Glad you're doing well!

Leslie Barton said...

Hi, I found your blog today through Kelly, and decided to read through the last few post. I knew I need to comment as soon as I saw the picture of her daughter with "Abby" and the tablecloth. I have seen more of that particular little mommy doll in the 5yr's than I care to admit. But, at our house, her name is "Allie" I have a daughter who will be 6 on the 27th, and she loves this doll. We rarely go anywhere without it, especially now. I had a new little girl in March, and my 5 yr old insist that Allie use all of my new babies things, like the bumbo and the tummy time mat. It is so funny to watch her talk to that doll like it's real. More than once, I have found "Allie" resting in the bouncer when I went to but my 3 month old in it. Anyway, I just thought I would share....sorry I think I rambled on way too long.

Anonymous said...

Ella is SO adorable!!!